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Export Contacts from Goldmine to Ace of Sales

To get your contacts transferred from Goldmine into Ace of Sales takes a few steps, but it will be worth it! :)

  1. Check here for a step-by-step video walkthrough on how to download your contacts from Goldmine to an Excel file - Goldmine Export Demo
  2. Important - When you have downloaded your contacts to the Excel file, you will need to open it and save it as a CSV (comma separated values Windows) file, so that Ace of Sales will be able to import it.
  3. Then, in the Excel file you'll need to split the column for your Contacts into 2 separate columns for First Name and Last Name. This link shows you how to do it (it's actually pretty easy!) - Split Columns in Excel
  4. To import your CSV file into Ace of Sales, check here -Import CSV file into Ace of Sales

Fantastic Follow Up: How to Set Up a System and Keep It

Some studies estimate that 81% of sales happen after the fifth contact.

But the majority of sales professionals admit they follow up with new prospects an average of 0 to 2 times. It's no wonder their follow up efforts show such meager results.

The most successful salespeople, the ones who break sales records year after year, follow up continuously.

How? They have a system, and they stick to it.

Having a system allows them to efficiently manage a large database of contacts, without wasting a lot of time managing the follow ups. Maintaining their system ensures no step in the process falls through the cracks.

What makes a good follow up system you'll stick with?

Any system you use for managing your contacts needs to be:

  • Replicable, for any type of contact.
  • Automated, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Scalable, so it won’t break down when your pipeline grows larger.
  • Comfortable, so you won't quit.

How do you spend your time?

The best system is going to be one that you design, for your business, to complement your working style, and one that you will maintain. So the tools you already use to manage your time and tasks will be the foundation for your follow up system.

  • How do you schedule appointments? On a calendar on the wall? On your computer? In the cloud?
  • How do you create reminders for actions you need to take in the future?
  • How do you know what to work on during any given day?

Using these tools, create your follow up workflow. Keep in mind that your system is essentially you speaking to yourself across the past and the future. What's the best way you'll listen to yourself?

Let's get specific.

When you get someone’s business card, what are the follow ups you'll want to automate?

A good follow up workflow could be:

  • Send a thank-you card, saying ‘nice to meet you’ - 24 hours after first contact
  • Email introduction - 1 week later
  • Phone call - 1 month later
  • Send an email scheduling a meeting (either one-on-one or an invitation to an event) - 3 months later
  • In person meeting - 3-4 months later


  • Send a ‘Nice to meet you’ email - same day
  • Send an issue of email newsletter - same week
  • Phone call - 10 days later
  • Phone call - 45 days later
  • Email - 60 days later


  • Send an email - next day
  • Send an email newsletter issue - 3 days later
  • Send a promotional email - 10 days later
  • Phone call - 15 days later
  • Coupon postcard - 30 days later

Notice something similar about all of these check-ins? They're all calculated from the date of the meeting, or the date of the contact’s addition to your database.

This is because your follow up system should rely on one input. Entering your contact's data initiates the follow up process. If you schedule these events in your task manager, they will pop up on the correct day, and all you have to do is follow the instructions you gave yourself earlier.

Using your follow up system.

You might be comfortable using your Google calendar or software like Evernote to keep yourself on track, but if you like using a paper-based system, try a Tickler File. This consists of a drawer full of 43 folders, one for every day of the month (31), and one for every month of the year (12).

Put a note for your contact into each appropriate file. When the day comes up, take out all your notes, and followup with all of those contacts.

The easiest follow up system, of course, is to automate all of those emails at once, so you don’t have to write them out on the day they are sent. Using Ace of Sales, you can schedule a ‘Nice Meeting You Email’ and a ’60-day follow up email’ at the same time. Two months later, your new contact gets the check-in without your lifting a finger.

Use your Sales Calendar in Ace of Sales to schedule follow up calls and meetings. We'll send you a reminder by email each day you have a task to do!

Whatever follow up system you use, if you set it up smartly and stick to it, you'll see the results - not only in the number of sales you close, but in how much time you'll save!

Avoid Spam - 4 Point Crash Course!

Spam dumpster spam folders dump you in the trashSpam filters are the gatekeepers of email. 

Are you up-to-speed on how they work?

Spam filtering software runs inside your recipients’ email programs (Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail for example) and on email servers (like Google, Yahoo, or a company network). The filter’s job is to examine every inbound email to identify whether or not it’s spam or a legitimate email. Filters check email subject lines, body text, HTML, sending source, and many other criteria to determine whether to allow email through...or zap it!

Anyone can get zapped by a spam filter. So how do you avoid them?

First, ask yourself if you’re spamming!

The definition of spam is any unwanted email. Ask yourself this question – if you send an email to 100 of your contacts, would more than five ask you to stop emailing them? If so, you are most likely spamming. 

If you send your ezine to customers who have bought from you in the last 24 months and to prospects who would welcome an email from you, chances are your recipients won’t consider you a spammer. Follow this guide: only send to recipients who both know you and would welcome your email.

Next, how do you avoid those vigilant spam filters?

Here’s a solid 4 point crash course: 

1. Avoid repetitive characters. 

Adding three exclamation marks or the 3 w’s in a web address is a fast way to end up in the spam box. Even ellipses (3 dots in a row) can raise flags.

2. Never type in all caps. 

Spammers love all caps because they believe it helps them stand out from the rest of the garbage in your inbox. Therefore, spam filters are attentive to subject lines with all caps. It’s alright to capitalize the first letter of a word, or even every word in your subject line. It’s not alright to use acronyms, without adding a period after each letter (A.A.A.).

3. Don’t use “spammy" words in your subject lines.

Terms like free, click here, call now, discount, and promotion, can get your email canned. If you need to say free, use the term “no cost" as an alternative. Here are 24 common subject line terms to avoid.

4. Tricky misspellings of “spammy" words don’t work either. 

These terms are absolute evil to spam filters! Here’s a few ugly examples of spam keywords.


Exporting Your Contacts from Hotmail to Ace of Sales

To export your contacts from Hotmail and import into Ace of Sales, take the following steps:

1. From the main Hotmail screen, click "Contact List" on the left side.

2. Then click "Manage", then "Export".

3. Enter the verification code Hotmail provides, and click "Export".

4. Hotmail will export a CSV file to your computer. (You may need to open it up to make sure all the info is in the correct columns. To import a contact, Ace of Sales needs First Name and Last Name in separate columns.)

5. Next, in Ace of Sales, click "Contacts", then "Import/Export".

6. Choose "CSV (.csv) or vCard (.vcf)" and Browse to find and select your file.

7. Click "Continue".

8. On the next screen, map (match) your column titles to the Ace of Sales titles. (Note: Mapping First Name, Last Name, and email address is sufficient. If the other columns in your file are not mapped, they will not be imported.)

9. Click "Finish" and you're done!

K.O. Your Customers with the Ace of Sales "One, Two Punch!"

Sales and Self MarketingHow often should you be in front of all your customers with a value-packed Ezine? Every week? Every two weeks? Once a month?

For most salespeople, every week is the right answer. Here's why...

Every Monday, your customers' brains reset. They begin thinking about new things, projects, ideas, and responsibilities. With all that, they tend to forget about you.

Each week it's your job to re-enter their world by saying hello and delivering your expertise. However, the time to create an article-rich Ezine each week is overwhelming for many busy salespeople.

Use the Ace of Sales "One, Two Punch," invented by Mike Brito and perfected by Jeff Blair, to reach all your customers and contacts weekly without sweating it! Here's how it works:

Week 1 - Send a Branded Email with a single article, tip, or story.

Week 2 - Send a full blown Ezine.

Week 3 - Send an Email Greeting with a product or service update.

Week 4 - Send a full blown Ezine.

Rinse, repeat, and reap the rewards!

Ding,'s time to get in the ring. The Ace of Sales "One, Two Punch" is the right combo to knock out the competition and keep your customers in your corner for life.

Export Your Contacts from Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007


To export your contacts from Outlook 2000, 2003 or 2007, follow these steps: Exporting Text Data

  1. In Outlook, on the File menu, click Import And Export.
  2. In Choose an action to perform, click Export to a file, and click Next.
  3. In Create a file of type, click to select a format for the file you want to export - Comma Separated Values (Windows) - and click Next.
  4. In Select folder to export from, click the folder you want to export (the Contacts folder), and click Next.
  5. In Save exported file as, type the path and file name for the file you want to export (note this so that you can find it later when you import it to Ace of Sales), and click Next.
  6. Confirm the action and then click Finish.
  7. After you have exported your file from Outlook, import your contacts into Ace of Sales.

(These exporting instructions, steps 1-6, can be found at Microsoft Support, along with more information about Outlook.)

Want Free Images for Custom Designs?

Fotolia has a new website which you can use absolutely free! It's called PhotoXpress. It has a huge library of stock photos. You can download 1 a day at no cost! For most salespeople this is a perfect solution.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up a free account

2. Click on the "Free" tab

3. Search for an image

4. Download the image to your desktop for free!

5. Upload the image when creating a Custom Design in Ace of Sales - you're done!

You can also look through Stock Exchange ( for copyright-free photography.

7 Tips for Successful Email Delivery and Avoiding Spam Boxes!

Spam filter trap email skull envelope When you're using Ace of Sales, or any email service for that matter, to create and send emails, the goals is for your emails to arrive at your recipient's inbox - not their junk or spam folders!

Keep in mind that email is not an exact science. Every recipient uses a different combination of email programs, servers, and spam software and therefore some recipients who won't get your email.

Here are 7 tips to avoid spam filtering, get your emails through, and ultimately build relationships and make sales:

1. Don't use all caps in your subject line. (Makes you look like a SCREAMING spammer!)

2. Avoid spammy words (think Direct Marketing call outs) in your subject line and email, like Free!, Special Offer!, Sells!, Click Now, Mortgage, Insurance, Act Now! Coupons, Don't Delete!

3. Stay away from repeating letters in your subject line, like "!!!" to add emphasis. Spam filters don't like web addresses in the subject, so if you include, the "www" could get you flagged. Don't do "$$$" either.

4. Don't try swapping numbers or symbols for letters to sneak your spammy words in. (example: FR33, H1, V1agra, B3ST 0FF3R, Sp3cia1!)

5. Does your recipient know you? If not, they may not allow your email at all! The rule is don't send email to anyone who doesn't have your permission to receive email from you.

6. Never claim in your subject line that this email is not spam. If you have to claim it, it is spam, because your recipient is obviously not expecting email from you.

7. This one may seem obvious, but always include a subject line. Usually this happens because emailers forget to include it, but it can get you flagged as spam.

Need Images to Spruce Up Your Ezines?

You've got terrific valuable content to send in your Ezine but no image to go with it. What do you do?

  • Go to
  • Search for a finely detailed icon.
  • Download the largest size they have to your desktop.

Then when you're creating your Ace of Sales Ezine, add your icon to the article. Tada! Your article just came to life. When you send it, put me on your Ezine list so I can rave about it.

Wish You Had Just the Right Image? Try Fotolia!

Let's say you're a business that serves college students, and you're creating an Email Greeting to announce your reduced hours for Spring Break week. Wouldn't it be great if you could drop a photo of the beach into your email?

That's exactly what Amanda Doss of Computer Link did, as you can see by her fantastic Email Greeting to the left!

Here's how she did it:

  • She created a free account at Fotolia, a low cost stock photo website.
  • Then she searched for an image of the beach.
  • She found the perfect image and bought it for less than $10.
  • The image was saved to her desktop.
  • Then she logged in to Ace of Sales and clicked Personalizer and then Custom Designs to create a design with her new image.
  • Finally, she clicked the Email Greeting icon and her image was waiting for her to select, add a message, and send.

You can do it too! Here are some tips:

  • When you purchase an image from Fotolia, you can choose from several size options. Get the first size larger than 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall.
  • Get a horizontal/landscape image - not vertical/portrait.
  • Fotolia's images are all RGB formatted JPG images - perfect for Ace of Sales! If you edit your Fotolia image in Photoshop or a similar program, make sure to save it back out in the same format.
  • When you create a Custom Design in Ace of Sales, it goes into your library in the Personalizer area. You can use your new design as an Email Greeting, Postcard, Greeting Card, or Perforated Card.

After you create your Custom Design, send us an Email Greeting so we can rave about it:!

Import Your Contacts from Mac's Address Book into Ace of Sales

First, export your contacts from Mac's Address Book as a vCard File: Here's how:

To get your Mac Address Book contacts into Ace of Sales, export them as a vCard. Then you can import the vCard into Ace of Sales.

To create a single vCard with multiple contacts, select multiple entries in the Address Book window and drag them to the desktop (Mac Finder).

Mac Export vCard Address Book

The multiple entries will be joined into a single card.

How To Export Mac Address Book group vCard

You can also use options in Address Book’s "File" menu to export vCard files.

Export Group vCard CRM Address Book Mac Macintosh

Then import your contacts as a vCard file into Ace of Sales:

Log in to Ace of Sales, and click the Contacts tab. Next click "Import Contacts" on the left side of the screen. Choose "Generic CSV or vCard".

Then, click Browse to choose your vCard file from your Mac desktop. Click Continue and follow the prompts. You can import your vCard file contacts into a new or existing group.

For more information about exporting from Mac's Address book go here.

My Subscription Fee Couldn't Be Processed

If you have previously verified your credit card with us, but have trouble making a charge later, the most likely reason for the problem is that the card has expired. To update your card info, in Ace of Sales click on Account, then "Payment Info". Enter your new card info and click "Save".

If this is not the case, please call us (800-865-7496) or email

Help for Exporting Your Contacts from ACT!


Important note - Once you have your file downloaded from ACT!, you'll need to split the contacts' names into separate columns for First Names and Last Names, otherwise Ace of Sales will not be able to import your file. To find step-by-step instructions to split the columns in Excel, check here (it's actually pretty easy to do!).

To import your CSV file into Ace of Sales, go here.

Follow ACT!'s instructions to export to Excel.

There is also a dropdown menu on that screen under "Search by Product" to find instructions for older versions of ACT! :

1. Click "ACT! by Sage 2010 Family of Products"

2. Choose year and version

3. Choose Export.

If you continue to have problems, contact ACT! Customer Support, or view their FAQ section.

Import Your Contacts from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail Right Into Ace of Sales

gmail sync yahoo uploadIf you want to bring in your contacts from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, you can do that right in Ace of Sales!

  1. In Ace of Sales, click the Contacts tab
  2. Click "Import Contacts" on the left side of the screen
  3. Choose either the Gmail or Yahoo! button and click Continue
  4. Confirm to Gmail or Yahoo! that you want to grant access
  5. On the next screen in Ace of Sales, you can import your contacts to a group if you wish, then click Import

Import Your Contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet

ms excel icon You may already have your contact list stored as an Excel spreadsheet. To import it into Ace of Sales, follow these steps:

1. First, make sure your list is saved as a CSV file (if it has the extension ".xls", open it and resave as a CSV - that is, a "comma separated values", or "comma delimited" - file). Before you import, make sure your file is in the following format (you may have more or less fields), with each field divided into a separate column, especially First Name and Last Name (Check here if you need to split your contacts' names into separate columns for First Name and Last Name.)

Also make sure each column has a title. Ace of Sales can import contacts that at least contain a first name, last name, and email address. You can download our CSV template file to make it easy on yourself.

Correct excel csv format

2. To import this file into Ace of Sales, click the Contacts tab and then click "Import Contacts".

3. Then choose "Generic CSV or vCard" and click "Choose file/Browse". Click Continue.

4. In the next step, add your contacts to a Group, or just import them into your main Contacts list. Click Continue.

5. Here is where you will map (that is, match) your column name headings to ours, so that Ace of Sales will know where to put your information. Make sure the email address column is mapped. Click Continue.

6. Ace of Sales will then give you information on how many of your contacts we were able to upload, and a report on why we may not have been able to upload certain contacts and why.*

* The most common reasons that contact info was not able to be uploaded is because contact names were not split into separate columns for first name and last name, or that an email address was not in the correct format (missing the "@" or ".com", for example).

Tips for Creating a Good Import List

Importing a contact database can get messy.

You've got a whole lot of data moving around; making a solid import list in Excel can save you a lot of headache.

Make a good CSV


Ace of Sales requires that First Name and Last Name be in separate columns in your CSV file. If your CSV file shows them in the same column, follow these steps in Excel to get them into separate columns.

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet, and first, cut and paste the column you need to split to make it the very last column of your file. (This is so that when you split the column to create new columns, you won't write over any existing data in your file.)

2. Then select (highlight) that column.

3. Click Data > Text to Columns

4. Select "Delimited" and click Next.

5. On the next window, check "Space" (for example), depending on what is separating the first & last names in the original column. I usually check all 3 - Space, Comma & Tab, since you could have more than one delimiter, as in the name "Carl M. Jones, Jr" (spaces and a comma). Then click Next.


6. In the next window select the Destination cell - it defaults to the column following the one you want to split, so you probably don’t need to change that setting. Then click Finish.

7. Check the new column(s) that are created to make sure they have a title.

Make sure the columns in your CSV file will map (match) to the column names in Ace of Sales. If you have mailing addresses, you will need to make sure you have separate columns for Street Address, City, State, and Zip for each type of address you have (such as Home and/or Work) since Ace of Sales won't import incomplete mailing addresses. If you have extra columns that were exported from your CRM like "Account Type", as long as those columns are not mapped in Ace of Sales, then Ace of Sales won't try to import them, so you can leave them in your original file as-is.

Clean up your data. It is a good idea to open your CSV file before you import and make sure the right info is in the right columns (all the emails in the email column, all the phone numbers in the phone number column, etc.).

Check here for step-by-step instructions to import your CSV file into Ace of Sales.

Import Your Contacts from Salesforce into Ace of Sales

Import your contact database from Salesforce into your new CRMHere's how to import your contacts from

1. Open Salesforce and click the Contacts tab.

2. Under Reports, click "Mailing List".

3. Next to Preview choose “Tabular Format" and click Tabular.

4. Click "Run Report".

5. Click the "Export Details" button.

6. On the next screen, next to “Export File Format", choose “Comma Delimited .csv". (Do not change the “Export File Encoding" setting.) Safari users for Mac - choose "Excel Format .xls", then after the file is exported to your computer, open it and resave it as a CSV file.

7. Click Export.

8. Salesforce will save the file to your computer.

9. Import your CSV file into Ace of Sales by clicking the Contacts tab, then clicking “Import Contacts", then "Generic CSV or vCard" and choosing your Salesforce file.