Ebook Excerpt - Subject Line Magic

The responses to the 3 new ebooks we released last week continue to pour in. We’re very excited that so many members of our community are seeing the value in them. But we want to make sure that everyone takes advantage of the information so this week we’re highlighting them on the blog. Keep reading for an excerpt from the second ebook in the series:

Konnichiwa! Hello! Have you ever tried to open a Japanese puzzle box? It's more difficult than it looks.

Well-made boxes have no visible seams, pulls, lids, or keyholes. They can only be opened by a series of clever tile shifts, slat slides, and drawer pulls. These tabletop conundrums have been used for centuries to hold coins, jewelry, and important messages.

Your email can be quite beautiful and contain great value too. But if it's not constructed to be opened effortlessly, your message inside may remain locked away like the secrets insidea Japanese puzzle box.

The key to getting your emails opened is a well written subject line. But like the solution to a puzzle box, devising the perfect subject line can be a brainteaser.

10 Lessons to Master Email Subject Line Magic:

1. Avoid Words That Trigger Spam Filters

First, you must dodge the dreaded spam filters built in to your recipients' firewalls and email programs.

Ever vigilant, spam filters scan each email subject line and compare it to a database of characters, phrases, and words (even combinations of words) on their spammer tag and trash list. If your subject line breaks a spam filter rule, your email is toast.

Check out Hubspot's ultimate list of spam trigger words and phrases. Most of the listed terms are obvious, but you wouldn’t use those anyway, right? Some terms on the list, however, are less obvious...

2. Avoid Other Violations That Trigger Spam Filters

Besides using no-no words and phrases, there are other infractions that can get your email sliced and diced by spam filters:

  • Repetitive characters: $$, !!!, …, ???, www
  • Words in all caps: NICE TO MEET YOU
  • Capitalized abbreviations and acronyms: LOL, RSVP, OMG, SPCA, BBB, ESPN
  • Sending the same subject line to a recipient over and over again
  • Anything price related: $199, half off, buy one get one free
  • Anything product spec related: Samsung LCD Monitor 42", iPad 3 64GB
  • Typos, spelling errors, and incorrect grammar

Customer Testimonial:

“Wow Andy...I've been doing it all wrong for 30 years!  Suppressing my irreverence as a sacrifice to professionalism I've blah blah'ed myself into irrelevance.

Can't wait to make my move.

You just saved a life!


There’s much more where this came from, but you have to download the rest of the ebook to get it. While you’re at it, why not get all three? If you’re not a customer yet, you can still get them by signing up for an account and using the code EBOOKS.