Ebook Excerpt - Killer Personal Brand

The third ebook in our series steps away from the mechanics of a successful email to help you build a successful personal brand. It’s all about your expertise and how you translate it and it’s all right there in the ebook. Here’s an excerpt from this one of a kind resource:

I think I may be sitting in the most perfect place to write this ebook: the main event space for Internet Week in New York City. I mean, really, is there a better place to think about a personal brand than a conference full of people displaying their own personal brands whether they know it or not?

Looking around the room of folks trying to network with each other, three types of people are obvious. First there are the Wallflowers. They come in, hit the buffet, don’t talk to anyone, then go home without one new prospect.

Then there are the guys who think “Always Be Closing" is still the order of the day. They’re the ones using sales lines and pitching people as they “work" the room. They’re completely unaware how foolish they appear in today’s world where authenticity, candor, transparency, and talent are all in vogue.

But then there’s The Natural.

You know who I’m talking about. The guy or girl who always seems to have the perfect, most relevant comment or question at the ready. The Natural chats it up with anyone and everyone. He or she always seems to be in the right place at the right time. This person only appears to work for about the first 10-20% of any event. After that, everyone in the room is seeking out the Natural for a conversation. When he or she leaves, his fist is full of new business opportunities.

We’ve all been to events and seen a Natural at work. But I’ve got a secret for you:

The Natural is a figment of your imagination.

More often than not, Naturals are the living embodiment of our own insecurities. We see something in The Natural that we think we lack and so we assume that person must be naturally awesome at everything they do. They were born that way.

But the truth is Naturals have simply been more courageous and worked harder than you. Rather than being born a Natural, what they’re good at has simply become natural. When what you excel at becomes natural to you, your attraction and brand will grow.

So, what does it take?

That you Know Yourself, that you Be Yourself, and that you Express Yourself.

Sound hokey?

Careful, some of life’s greatest truths are dismissed as corny or contrived.

As we dissect these truths you’ll see how fundamental they are, how invaluable they will be to you, how much room you have for improvement, and how much success awaits you in your journey to become a Natural.

Defining your personal brand.

Make no mistake; your personal brand is not just about your physical appearance, a personal logo, or your gift of gab. The Natural has realized that the only things that will build his brand are his level of expertise within his niche or specialty, how he communicates it, and how he expresses himself.

The Natural knows that his personal brand is everything that his customers or clients think about or associate with him. He knows that the only thing that will sustain his personal brand is maintaining consistency with every single prospect and customer he meets.

Building your brand expertise, your brand personality, and your brand identity are three very different things. The good news is that all three can be cultivated over time into something that is uniquely – and profitably – yours. And when all three components are working together harmoniously, nothing will stop the momentum of your killer personal brand!

It all begins with self-knowledge.

Customer Testimonial

"Hello Andy,

Thank you for the 3 e-books.  Your Ace of Sales materials give me some food for thought - of which I would never had on my own.  I think Ace of Sales is Great.

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Hopefully, we picked the appropriate cliffhanger moment to end this excerpt and you’re left wanting to know more about the key elements of building your personal brand. If so, you should definitely download and read the rest of the ebook. If you’re not a customer yet, sign up for a new account, use the code EBOOKS and we’ll send you a link where you can download all three. Current customers - check your email, or shoot us a message at support@aceofsales.com for the links.