Finding Your Own Little Space in the World (in Your House, at Least)

Is your home business taking over your whole house?

It might be worth it to take a day or two “off”, invest in some inexpensive items like file cabinets, shelving, and clear plastic bins (see step 4 below), and reorganize so that you can consolidate your business into as little space as possible. This will help prevent items from getting lost, make it easy to find customer files quickly, and have your supplies at your fingertips. It will also help cordon off your “business zone” from the rest of your home, so you can enjoy time with your family “away” from the business.

A good system for organization is to use S.P.A.C.E. – an acronym popularized by Julie Morganstern. It stands for Sort, Purge, Assign, Containerize, Equalize.

1.Sort – sort like with like. Don’t worry about how many piles you might end up with. You can consolidate piles at the end of this step if it works with your system.

2.Purge – throw out (or better – donate and/or recycle) what you don’t use. Don’t hang on to anything you might use - if you haven’t used something within the last 6 months, get rid of it!

3.Assign – put things in their proper area. If it doesn’t belong in your office space, find another place in your home for it. If it does belong in your office space, find the best location for it there.

4.Containerize – do NOT do this step before you have completed steps 1-3. Once you get to step 4, you’ll know exactly what types and size of containers you’ll need.

5.Equalize – another word for this step could be “maintenance”. Keep your space organized every single day, and never let it slide back into the chaotic mess you once worked in!

As you work on your space, you may find you need a different type of container, or you need to bring an item back into your office area that you removed. It’s OK – this is a process, and it’s up to you to refine it to best suit your business and personality!