Never Struggle with Letter Writing Again

Few business pros are the Ernest Hemingways of letter writing. Nor do they rip out their hair, grind their teeth or wait for their heads to explode just to compose a decent letter.

For every garden variety English major with a vocabulary that includes “patois,” “milieu” or “asset leverage implementation,” there are plenty of shirtsleeves small business owners out there who find that speaking plainly and clearly works just fine. But why reinvent the wheel with every single communication you send out?

The experts over at Duct Tape Marketing suggest hanging on to your favorite letters as you come across them. DTM says the letter must have a headline, demonstrate a clear benefit, and include a call to action.

“Studying free sales letters can be your ticket to a sales explosion,” says John Jantsch of DTM. “Studying your sales letters is like getting a free sales course everyday.”