24 "Spammy" Terms to Avoid in Your Subject Line!

When adding a subject line to your email, you may unknowing write a term that gets you zapped by spam filters. The examples below are common terms to avoid. They may seem silly or obvious when you see them all together, but you'll be surprised at how often you find yourself wanting to type one.

  • Freespam filter trash can
  • Special Offer
  • Click Here
  • Gift certificate
  • Great offer
  • Guarantee(d)
  • Opportunity
  • 50% Off
  • Click Here
  • Call Now
  • Subscribe
  • Bonus
  • Discount
  • Save Up To
  • Winner
  • !!!, ..., or www
  • Guarantee(d)
  • Special Promotion
  • All New
  • One time
  • Order Now
  • Amazing
  • Really
  • Very

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