There is one more thing...a catchphrase.

How can a catchphrase help you brand yourself? Let's look at Steve Jobs as an example.

The founder and former CEO of Apple was a masterful presenter. By the time he reached the end of his annual keynote presentations, after dazzling the crowd with the newest Apple device, he prefaced the last section of every speech with: "There is one more thing."

When he was introducing colored shells on the original iMac, or revealing FaceTime video chat from your phone, Jobs not only saved the best for last, he encouraged his audience to expect (and anticipate) his catchphrase.

Watch the video above to see him deliver his catchphrase during 31 different speeches. Each time, he is building on the momentum created by all the other times he used this tiny phrase, "There is one more thing."

After a few years, the audience laughs when they hear him say it. He is fulfilling their expectations of him, expectations he carefully set himself.

Creating a winning catchphrase is a process of discovery, that helps to augment the impression you want to make.

After years of releasing ground-breaking and industry-defining products, Steve Jobs was always thought of as having "one more thing." Using his catchphrase, he reaffirmed that impression to everyone who heard it.

When developing your own catchphrase, ask yourself what you want your audience to think about you as they associate this catchphrase with you.

My catchphrase (which is also the tagline on my personal website) is "I make things happen." Not only does this describe my levels of productivity and creativity, when people read this catchphrase, they are left with the impression that I know how to make them happen.