5 New Ways to Use Pinterest For Business


Pinterest is the fastest growing social network of 2012. Its visual interface makes it addicting to browse, and its easy Twitter integration makes it simple to sign up and start pinning. What is Pinterest? It's the digital version of a pinboard. You know, like the kind people pin photos, news, ideas, and flyers on in their cubicles or workrooms. More specifically, it's a social sharing service that allows you to collect and share visual content from around the web. You can share anything you find – photos, infographics, screenshots, icons, and just about any type of image.

Here are 5 innovative ways to use Pinterest to promote your personal brand:

1. SEO Keyword Dominance – If you have any sort of SEO strategy in place, you know what your keywords are. If you’re a real estate agent in Brooklyn, for example, your clients will be searching for things like “Brooklyn Real Estate Agent." Create your Pinterest boards using SEO keywords to improve your search ranking on Pinterest – and on your website.

2. Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog Posts – Pin all your blog post images on your Pinterest account. When visitors click the pin of your blog image on Pinterest, they'll click through to your actual blog article. (See how we did it on this Pinterest board.) Users can 'repin' your pins. When they do, your images appear on THEIR Pinterest board. It's just like when someone retweets your tweet. Their followers can follow your pin links to your blog – creating a whole new channel of blog traffic for you. The important hint here is to make sure your blog images are eye-catching and compelling – something someone would want to share!


3. Sell Products – Pinterest is the new way to window shop on the web! In addition to pinning images from your blog posts, you can also pin images of products you sell on your website. Pinterest even offers a price banner you can add to the upper left hand corner of each pin. It's a visual trigger that designates your pin as an item for sale. Your Pinterest visitors can clickthrough to your online shop and buy. This technique makes your products more sharable.

4. Pin Videos – Many Pinterest users aren't aware videos can be pinned to their boards too. Just add your "embed link" to your pin and your video will play right inside Pinterest. It's perfect for product demos, video testimonials, and value messages to share with customers. In turn, they may repin them and share them with their friends.

Does your audience like watching videos about certain subjects? Become a video curator! Create a pinboard full of the valuable videos that your audience will find helpful. As you become a trusted resource for discovering and sharing great video content, followers will likely send more traffic your way which can translate to referrals. Get the picture?

5. Discover Who's Pinning Your Images – A great way to identify your biggest fans on Pinterest is to go to http://pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com. Replace ‘yourwebsite.com’ with YOUR website domain, like "aceofsales.com". You'll see your pins that have been re-pinned and who re-pinned them. Reach out to your biggest fans and thank them for spreading the word. Follow them back and stay in touch to build loyalty and connections.

Pinterest, like all social media communities, has just as many business applications as personal. All you have to do is identify how to best use this powerful new service to connect with people that love what you do.