7 Tips for Successful Email Delivery and Avoiding Spam Boxes!

Spam filter trap email skull envelope When you're using Ace of Sales, or any email service for that matter, to create and send emails, the goals is for your emails to arrive at your recipient's inbox - not their junk or spam folders!

Keep in mind that email is not an exact science. Every recipient uses a different combination of email programs, servers, and spam software and therefore some recipients who won't get your email.

Here are 7 tips to avoid spam filtering, get your emails through, and ultimately build relationships and make sales:

1. Don't use all caps in your subject line. (Makes you look like a SCREAMING spammer!)

2. Avoid spammy words (think Direct Marketing call outs) in your subject line and email, like Free!, Special Offer!, Sells!, Click Now, Mortgage, Insurance, Act Now! Coupons, Don't Delete!

3. Stay away from repeating letters in your subject line, like "!!!" to add emphasis. Spam filters don't like web addresses in the subject, so if you include www.mysite.com, the "www" could get you flagged. Don't do "$$$" either.

4. Don't try swapping numbers or symbols for letters to sneak your spammy words in. (example: FR33, H1, V1agra, B3ST 0FF3R, Sp3cia1!)

5. Does your recipient know you? If not, they may not allow your email at all! The rule is don't send email to anyone who doesn't have your permission to receive email from you.

6. Never claim in your subject line that this email is not spam. If you have to claim it, it is spam, because your recipient is obviously not expecting email from you.

7. This one may seem obvious, but always include a subject line. Usually this happens because emailers forget to include it, but it can get you flagged as spam.