90% of Salespeople Say, "Twitter is a Waste of Time"

The number of salespeople and small business owners who are not using Twitter to build customer loyalty and grow profits is shocking! Creating my own poll, I ask this question to almost every salesperson I meet - which is in the thousands. Less than 10% say they are tweeting routinely.
My response to the 90% who don't tweet is always, "You realize it's free, right?" 
Their typical answer, "Yeah, but my time isn't."
I then reply, "How do you prefer to spend your time?"
Them, "Helping customers."
Over the past 2 weeks, I've walked through this scenario with salespeople quite a few times. I've responded to this "I'd rather spend my time helping customers" excuse with five points. I kept it to five points so I could either high five them or smack them in the back of the head based on whether they got it or not.
My 5 points are:
1. Customers are on Twitter looking for companies and vendors to follow because they want timely help.
2. If your customers view you as an expert, they'll expect quick tips and ideas from you throughout the week.
3. Tweets are only 140 characters so they don't take long to write. You only need to post a couple a day, so that's less writing than a single email to a customer.
4. Even if you only have 10 customers that follow you, that equals more engagement than you've done in the past 10 years.
5. I ask, "Have you asked your customers if they'd like you to tweet?" These salespeople usually answer "No" or they say "My customers aren't on Twitter." I got this answer recently from a sales guy. I suggested we call one of his customers right then and ask. We did. The customer said, "Yeah. Why? Are you on Twitter now? What's your username? I'll follow you." You better believe that sales guy is tweeting now.
Jeffrey and I have a far more detailed response to the statement, "Twitter is a waste of time." We've prepared a step by step walkthrough on how to use Twitter to grow your business and build loyal customers. You can get our answers tomorrow at 11AM and 3PM Eastern Time on our live webinar titled, "I Tweet, Therefore I Am." 
We promise not to smack anyone... just high fives!
All you have to do is sign up, sign on, and sit back and watch. You don't even need a notepad, because we'll send you the recording later. Maybe pop some popcorn.