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Spring Focus: Ace of Sales Latest Upgrades

Spring - the perfect time to unleash the power of the newest features and tools in your Ace of Sales account. Here's a run down of the latest and greatest:

Email Cloning Ace of Sales enables you to create email masterpieces for your customers. Now, you no longer have to recreate them from scratch to send to someone else. Just click our new "Clone" button to rapid fire your best emails to anyone else.

Multiple Profiles Represent more than one business? Brand? Division? Product line? Now you can set up a complete profile (logo, color, portrait, contact info, email address, social media links) for each one.

Email Delivery Boost Exclusively from Ace of Sales! Now, when you send mission-critical Ace of Sales emails to smaller numbers of recipients (25 or less), you'll get close to 100% email delivery! And you still get all the amazing-looking designs and reports about who opened your emails. Let's see your email marketing program do that!

Click Tracking Now, when you add a link to a PDF document, webpage, webinar registration, blog entry, or social media account to your emails, you can track who clicked it, how many times, and when.

Revamped Tracker Ace of Sales makes it easy to see who opened your emails and when. Our redesigned Tracker helps you sort, filter, and identify with snapshot speed who opened, who clicked, and who to contact next.

Printed Card Upgrade Ace of Sales' popular printed postcards and greeting cards now sport a glossy protective coat. It gives a beautiful finish and finesse to every Hello, Thank You, and seasonal greeting. (We also just added three new gift card options for your greeting cards - iTunes, Best Buy, and Amazon!)

Email Greetings

email-marketing-e-mail-crmWow your customers with professional and personable Email Greetings. Choose an image from our large gallery or add your own custom design. It’s easy! These pre-designed HTML templates are much like Branded Emails, except you can choose from one of our high-quality, pre-designed graphics to go in the top.

Or, you can even create your own image design.



What is a CSV file

CSV stands for “comma separated values (or version)" or “comma delimited values (or version)". CSV is the universal file format that Ace of Sales can import. Before you try to import your contacts into Ace of Sales, make sure your CSV file is formatted properly, like this:

The safest thing to do, and the fastest way to make sure it imports correctly, is to check the following:

1. It should have separate column names for each field.

2. The column names should always be the first row.

3. You also should delete fields that your CRM may have exported that are not necessary to Ace of Sales, such as "Account Owner".

The main thing is to make sure the file is saved as CSV, and is comma separated. Some programs like Salesforce WILL export a CSV file, but it is not in the proper format for Ace of Sales. If you are exporting from Salesforce, first export the file as an Excel (.xls) file, then open it and re-save it as a CSV file to then import into Ace of Sales.

Import Mapping

When you import your contacts as a CSV file, you will need to match the column names of your contact file to ours. This has to be done manually because Ace of Sales needs to know where to put all your data when importing. Correct mapping guides the data to its proper spot in Ace of Sales. If you're importing contacts from Outlook, SalesForce, Gmail, or Highrise, we automatically map the columns for you.

Opens, Bounces, and Opt Out Rates

Who is reading your emails?

Using the Tracker feature, on the dashboard of your Ace of Sales account, you can track:

  • Open rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Opt-outs

What do these terms mean?

Opt outs, open rates, and bounce rates

Open Rate

What percentage of people are opening your email?

If you send 1000 emails in a 30 day period, and 350 people have opened your email, you have an open rate of 35%.

Did You Know? You can sort your Tracker by different time periods, so you can track your open rate over the last 30 days, 7 days, 90 days, or all time.

Bounce Rate

What percentage of emails on your list are not valid?

If you send 1000 emails, and 25 of those emails are returned as undeliverable, you have a bounce rate of 2.5%.

Did You Know? Your bounce rate can affect your spam score. A high bounce rate means you have a higher likelihood of being shunted to the spam folder, and miss the inbox entirely.


How many people unsubscribe from your email newsletter?

If you send out 1000 emails every month, and 20 people unsubscribe, you have an opt-out rate of 2%

Did you know? When people click 'This is spam' in their own email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo. etc) they will automatically be opted-out from your list.

Advanced Reading on Bounces, Opt-outs, and Open Rates

Download our free ebook on Avoiding Spam Filters: A Survival Guidefor more in-depth analysis of how these metrics work, and how you can measure them to your advantage.



Sales Makers

Make More Sales with Sales Makers

Sales Makers are the different types of email and printed items you can send to your contacts via your Ace of Sales account.

Send Sales Makers by clicking on the icons in your Sales Makers bar.

Send Branded Emails, Email Greetings, Ezines, Postcards, Greeting Cards, and Perforated Cards, all with your logo and company color, to a Group, or just one contact.

make more sales with email marketing and birthday cards