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Send a Beautiful Thank You For Thanksgiving - New Messages & Designs

Let's face it, Halloween is all about fun – candy and kids (and the kid in all of us). Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is about relaxing for a spell after a long year with people we love doing things we love. Yes, these days it's about shopping and football too. But, hey, you know what else it's about? Being thankful. With all the parades and food and Black Friday hoopla, it's easy to forget.

Don't forget to thank your customers and co-workers this Thanksgiving. Do it in style and do it quickly with Ace of Sales' new stunning designs you can add to any message or just send our pre-written messages. Login or create a 30 day free account and shoot your thanks to your favorite contacts before they shoot out for the holiday weekend.

'Bear' Essentials for St. Patrick's Day


Green beer. Green rivers. Green lipstick. Green EVERYTHING!

St. Patrick's Day is no doubt one of the weirder and wilder holidays! Whether you're one of those crazies who go all the way on St. Patrick's Day or you're a more sensible type who grabs their once-a-year green socks, don't forget to send a greeting to your customers and contacts.

St. Patrick's Day is all about friends, family, fun, festivities – and sometimes even acting like an animal.

So here's a series of fun and festive pre-designed, pre-written St. Patrick's Day messages with an animal flair and a 'pinch' of weirdness.

To use the messages:

  • Log in to your Ace of Sales account (or sign up for a 30 day free trial)
  • Click the Message Library tab
  • Click the St. Patrick's Day category on the left
  • Preview and purchase your favorites for $1.99 each (yours to use over and over!)
  • Click 'Use'
  • Add a contact or group of contacts
  • Make any edits you want, then send!
  • Enjoy the appreciative responses!

Speaking of appreciation, we appreciate you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Ace of Sales Team!


New Daylight Savings Designs Added


Don't let your customers experience the Wake of Shame this Sunday by forgetting to spring ahead because of Daylight Savings.

That's right – we lose an hour!

Twice a year, you get to be Johnny-on-the-Spot by reminding your customers about the upcoming time switch.

Here are 3 new pre-written, pre-designed messages that will help you do it in style! They're 100% ready to send.

Just log in to Ace of Sales, click the 'Message Library' tab, click the 'Daylight Savings' category in the list on the left, preview the messages, purchase your favorites for $.199 each, and send to all your contacts in seconds.

Way to go, Johnny!


Written, Designed, and Ready to Send - New Message Series for Valentine's Day


Appreciate your clients. They’ll love you for it!

Instant is the opposite of lasting.

Instant fades quickly.

Instant never tastes as good as slow cooked or slow brewed.

Instant has its place, but it’s not at the heart of real connections. Or is it?

Harken back to the days when connections were real with our new pre-written, pre-designed Valentine's Day series. We’ve added the new series to the Message Library so that in mere moments you can fire them off to every single one of your clients in a couple of clicks.

Just show a little appreciation.

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to let your clients know you’re thinking about them. It offers a unique opportunity for you to stand out and build loyalty.

While most of your competition is trying to find the time to get a gift for one or two people in their lives, we’ve made it easy to touch all the special people in your life.

Sending a message your contacts will appreciate and remember? No sweat.


See how to send one of these new Valentine's Messages in 1 minute

New Designs Added – Will You Be My Valentine?

Remember that kid in first grade who didn't get a valentine?

Of course not! That's because your teacher made a rule that you had to bring a valentine for EVERYONE in the class.

This year, we're making a rule. Every one of your clients deserves a valentine too. Why? Because just like little Timmy in first grade, they're each special.

Are some more special than others?

Sure. That's why you gave the wrinkled one to Timmy. Thankfully, at Ace of Sales, we don't have any wrinkled ones, so start sending valentines like the teacher's watching.

Put your heart in it and have fun.

We're sure the replies will make it all worthwhile.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Check out the designs below and feel free to leave a comment about your favorite or make any suggestions for next year's batch.


New Feature Sneak Peek: Message Library


For a while, you've been able to clone, save, and share your messages in Ace of Sales. Helpful. But we've received a stream of requests for improved message management. You asked for: + The ability to categorize your saved messages + The option to create your own categories + A visual preview to more easily select messages + A library of messages we write and design for you

Requests granted!

Early December, look for my announcement of our beta roll out of the new Message Library. It will be a new main tab in your account automatically added for you (no download required).

The Message Library will be filled with dozens of completed messages you can purchase for $1.99 and use immediately. It's like the iTunes of business messages.

We'll have pre-written, pre-designed messages for thank yous, hellos, follow ups, birthdays, and much more. Look for our special messages for December holidays and New Years. You'll be able to choose messages for both email and printed cards.

More information coming next week, but I wanted to give you a morsel to start digesting along with those delicious Thanksgiving dishes.

Gmail's New Promotions Tab


Gmail Folders. Why all the hype?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new 'folders' that Google rolled out in Gmail to help email recipients manage the vast quantities of messages that flood their inboxes on a daily basis. There is a debate going on right now as to whether these changes are affecting open rates or not. Some people even say that it’s improved their open rates.

First, why did Google make this change?

Think about the number of emails you get every day and all the different places and people that send them. Without an organized system of filters and inboxes, it’s very easy to lose track of the important emails that demand your attention. So Google created a basic version of that system for you that automatically sorts your emails into one of three folders: Primary, Social, and Promotions.

Sounds helpful...why all the fuss?

Many email marketers are concerned that if their emails end up in the promotions folder, they’ll be less likely to get opened since the promotions folder is less urgent to most people. But as the article I linked to above states, even across a sample size of over 1 billion emails, there was only a 0.5% drop in open rates in the weeks immediately after the change.

Now, that’s not to say that you don’t want to be in the Primary folders of your Gmail readers, but it does raise the question of how to get there.

Email is about relationships, especially the Primary folder

If you’re concerned about whether your emails are getting overlooked in the Promotions folder, sending an email to ask isn’t the best way to find out. Instead, I’ll proceed with the assumption that you’ve built your list based on relationships with your customers, contacts, and associates.

If you had something urgent to tell a friend, how would you do it? Would you send them a text? Would you call them? Perhaps send a card? Well, why not choose one or more of those options to ask your contacts to move you from the Promotions folder to the Primary folder? After all, this is pretty important stuff. You’re trying to make sure that the people who want to read your email are actually getting them. So what do you do?

1. Find out how many gmail users you have on your list

If someone’s email address doesn’t end with, this issue may not affect them. They could be forwarding their email into a Gmail inbox, but if their address is,, or, for example, they will not be affected. ExactTarget estimates that less than 4% of inboxes will be affected by this change.

2. Send a text

What you’re asking people to do is fairly simple and you could do it with a simple text. Just tap out this message:

“Hi! Some of my emails are ending up in some gmail users’ Promotions folders so you may be missing them. If you’re finding this to be the case, would you please move one of my emails to the Primary folder to make sure you get them from now on? Thank you!”

3. Call or meet in person

You’re already meeting with your customers and the rest of your network on a regular basis. Why not use this as a conversation starter? Ask the gmail users you meet if they’re still getting your emails, and then ask them to move one from the Promotions folder to the Primary folder. Heck, offer to show them how to do it if you’re face-to-face. Conversations are always valuable, and this is an especially valuable one to have.

4. Send a printed card

If you’ve got some people you haven’t spoken to in a while or live outside of your area, you can always send a customized printed card through your account. For $1 per card, you can reach this portion of your list very easily.

There’s a lot of information out there about Gmail folders, and some of it can be pretty alarming. But there’s no need to panic along with everyone else when there are simple, cost-effective, relationship-based solutions at your disposal.


Champs Announced: 2013 New Year's Kickstart Challenge

Every new year, I start off with a Kickstart instead of a Resolution. It's a 2 week project that gets my year rocking on the right note. And it's my tradition to challenge my customers and readers - you guys - to do it with me. This year, my Kickstart Project was to create a simple video studio in my home, so I could record value messages for my customers. I got it done by my deadline! And many of you submitted your completed Kickstart projects on time too! From those who submitted their projects on time, I pick someone whose project impressed me the most and award them with a nice prize and the title of my New Year's Kickstart Challenge Champ!

This year I picked two Champs! So, who are they?

Drumroll, please...

My 2013 Kickstart Challenge Champs are:


MANDY DEVEAU – Champ 1 (January 21 Deadline)

Mandy's project really stood out. How? Because it wasn't a splashy website, video campaign, or newsletter. It was a proposal. A boring, grueling looooong proposal. But by getting this beast done and submitted, Mandy was able to promote her Chevy Dealership at a major event in her region.

The event led to a string of connections and opportunities. She was invited to cross-promote her dealership with other area advertisers. The cross-promotion opportunity has led to a connection with a 30-year industry expert who is now mentoring Mandy. The experience has given Mandy the resources and knowledge to launch her own car enthusiast event at her dealership. Mandy sparked a networking chain-reaction! Now, that's how you kickstart your year.

Way to go, Mandy!

Take-away: To get to the buried treasure, you've got to do the dirty work first.


FRED WALTON – Champ 2 (January 28 Deadline)

Fred, nicknamed FREED THE KREED, works at a call center. But don't mistake THE KREED for one of the phone operators who have all the life sucked out of them by complaining callers.

Fred was inspired by all his goofball call center chums to create an online comic called, "Call Center." The cast of characters brings to life the antics and humor of the wackos, weirdos, and buddies he works with. Fred's goal is to build his following, attract the attention of a major TV network, and eventually sell them the options to transform his comic into a nationally broadcast sitcom. Ambitious? Yes! Impossible? Well, that's the word all the nay sayers use right before a network executive calls you to change your life forever. Never say never!

Fred's Comic Cast:


Congratulations, Fred!

Take-away: Aim high, and when you hit your target all the pests who said you couldn't do it will look like ants.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who completed their Kickstart project! You inspired and impressed me.

You are your own Champ and you have given yourself the fuel to make 2013 a catalyst for a long run of success.

Keep the momentum going!

NOTE: What the heck!? In my exuberance to record my first video in my studio, I got both the Champs' names wrong. My apology to Mandy DEVEAU and Fred WALTON. I need a studio director but my 4 year old can't read yet. ;)

Love is in the Air and Also in Your Email


This just in: Valentine’s Day emails – 100% less fattening than chocolate.

Do you love your clients or just reeaaalllly like them? Either way, we’ve got you covered with new Valentine’s Day graphics in the gallery. Don’t forget to show them some love with a Valentine Email Greeting before Thursday!

Log in to your Ace of Sales account, open an Email Greeting, and click on the Valentine's Day category in the Gallery. Not signed up yet? Well, what are you waiting for?! Everyone gets 30 days to try it free - sign up here!

Here's a sample of our sweet, new Valentine's Day designs:


Post-Big Game Greetings - Start Raving Now!


Who were you pulling for? Which side were your customers and friends on?  It's time to rub in your victory, show a little sympathy, or share the celebration! We've just added 6 post-game designs for the Big Game.

How do you send them? Just login to yor account and look for our Super Bowl category or sign up for 30 days free.

Here are the designs, now let 'em have it!


Printed Cards: Returning Soon!


We've been working very hard on the new Printed Card feature. The new system is now being fine-tuned and tested to deliver as smooth an experience as possible. We want everyone to have a ton of fun sending these cards!

New features you'll love:

• Uploading your custom designs

• Adding personalization

• Friendly rounded corners option

• Higher quality printing

• Adding your portrait to the design

There are two new card templates. The more affordable mini-greeting cards and mini-postcards (they're both really cute).

Prices for the Greeting Cards will drop dramatically.

The Full-Size Postcards will increase a hair due to higher printing costs.

We're happy with the pricing we can offer on both the new mini-cards.

Gift cards will be back!

However, because of their lack of popularity, the Business Card Greeting Card with the 2 perforated cards will not return.

You'll be able to send the cards from your mobile devices too! The interface will be very similar to how you send emails now, so hopefully the learning curve will be quick and easy.

We're very excited for you to start using them to your customer!

So... when can you expect the Printed Cards to return? We're getting very close, but there are still pieces to finish. Our goal is to launch them in January... or by the latest, February. It's very difficult to predict until we get very close. What I can promise is that Printed Cards in the new mobile-friendly editor will be our next deliverable to you and we're working on them as fast was we can.

We'll keep you updated right here on the blog as we get close to having an exact date for you!

Until then, I'd love to hear from you how you use the Printed Cards before or would like to use them once we have them back in your hands.

full Size Greeting Card
full Size Greeting Card
fullsize postcard
fullsize postcard
mini greeting card
mini greeting card

Track Andy’s Kickstart Project: Simple Video Studio


Last week, I kicked off my year with my New Year's Kickstart (I swore off resolutions years ago). Many of you did the same as I challenged you to join me. A New Year's Kickstart is a 2 week project to ignite your strategy and momentum for the year. I have so many ideas I want to share with you and face to face is the best way I know how. With that in mind, I decided to build my own Simple Video Studio, where I can record professional quality videos for you!

Rather than building an elaborate, state of the art studio, my goal is to build a studio you could replicate if you want to do the same for your customers. A $25,000 studio isn't realistic for most people, so I'm shooting to spend less than $1,000!

Can it be done? I'm giving it my best effort.

I'm using Wistia's blog as a reference point. They're video masters. We use them at Ace of Sales for all our video hosting.

Check out this video by Wistia on how to build a down and dirty lighting set up. I'll be using it as my lighting template!


My camera will be my iPhone 5 and my microphone will be my USB Apogee MiC ($199) I use for webinars.

With 1 week to go before my deadline on Jan 21 (my birthday), I'll continue to update my progress for you:

Tuesday, Jan 8th I researched and priced out everything I'll need to build my studio.

Wednesday, Jan 9th I visited Amazon and Home Depot and bought:

• Light stands (2) • Clip lights (3) • Day light bulbs (40 watt, 60 watt, 100 watt) • Backdrop stand • Backdrop material • Camera tripod • Camera mount for tripod • Boom mic stand • Boom mic clip • USB to Lighting Adapter to plug my Apogee MiC directly into my iPhone 5 • Extension USB cord (to go from my phone to the boom stand) • Extension cords for the lights.

All for just less than $500. Add my Apogee MiC to that, and I'm currently under $700.

Quick progress report w/ my shopping buddy (Wistia's Down & Dirty Lighting Video):

* I was out of town for the 10-11th *

Saturday, Jan 12th I started assembling my gear which had now arrived in the mail from Amazon. I chose my unfinished basement for my studio location. Why? Because most of my customers don't have space at work to set up their own studio.

Also, I bought a 6'x8' carpet remnant from Home Depot - to help define the space and make it a bit more cozy.

Wednesday, Jan 16th I've finished assembling my Simple Video Studio in my basement! Now to start shooting some test footage. Less than a week left. Hope your Kickstart is rolling along...

Saturday, Jan 19th Test runs with the new video studio set up with my boys! Tweaking lighting and audio. (Their first recordings smoked mine!)


Sunday, Jan 20th Recorded first video! I'll be sharing it with you on Jan 29th and announcing The Champs of the New Year's Kickstart Challenge!


I'm DONE! I hope you are too! Congrats to everyone who finished on time. My 2 Champs will be announced here within my first edited video using my new Simple Video Studio on Jan 29th after the 2nd deadline (Jan 28th).

2nd Annual New Year's Kickstart Challenge!

Deadline over

UPDATE: New Year's Kickstart Challenge 2013 deadlines are up! Champs to be announced soon!

UPDATE (Mon Jan 29): At noon today (Jan 28) it's pens down for all Jan 28th deadline submissions. Email your entry, a link to your entry, or details about your entry to me at

UPDATE (Mon Jan 21): At noon today (Jan 21) it's pens down - you're done for our Jan 21st deadline submissions. Email your entry, a link to your entry, or details about your entry to me at Did I finish on time?! Check it out here

UPDATE (Sat Jan 19): Over a dozen submissions have been sent in. Way to go, guys and gals!

UPDATE: There are still many people who would love to join this Challenge but are just now hearing about it! Therefore, I've made an update to offer 2 deadlines, 2 champs, and 2 prizes! Read the "Do it with me!" section below to see the changes...


I'm the only person I know who has ever kept a New Year's Resolution. That's because a while ago I made a resolution to never again make a New Year's Resolution.

(Read last year's New Year's Kickstart Challenge post)

Instead of a resolution, each year I commit to a New Year's Kickstart!

And I want you to join me!

Here's the idea You start your year off with a big success by completing a relatively quick turnaround project that you've been putting off. It could be a website, blog, newsletter, new mini-business, or a presentation or webinar you've been wanting to complete.

It's Your Spark Plug Whatever your project, your New Year's Kickstart should be the spark that ignites your bigger picture strategy for the year.

Difficulty: Hard For your project, it's best to choose something that will push you. Get out of your comfort zone! But avoid a challenge that's too grandiose. I don't want your Kickstart to end in a New Year's Frustration.

Done in 2 Weeks It should be something you can knock out quickly. One of the reasons New Year's Resolutions fail is that the commitment, like losing weight, takes too long to yield results. (If you haven't noticed, we're kind of an instant-gratification world now.)

I like the 2 week mark. It's enough time to get most projects finished. It's short enough to maintain focus. And it means you begin your year with an achievement to fuel you.

Last Year My New Year's Kickstart project in 2012 was to launch my personal website and develop my own personal logo. I did it! Check it out at It gave me a huge slingshot effect for the entire year. I received compliments and a number of subscribers.

Ugh! However, about the middle part of the year, I stopped updating it because other projects took my time. I hate that I haven't kept it up and I've lost momentum, readers, and activity as a result.

This Year This year, I want to relaunch, with a renewed focus on content and value I want to personally offer to my readers and followers. However, that WILL NOT be my New Year's Kickstart project.

2 Reasons Why 1. Because my strategy for this year is to offer more value and services to Ace of Sales customers first. (Not my personal followers first.) 2. Because I always want my New Year's Kickstart to be something new and challenging for me. (More of a personal thing, than a recommendation.)

My 2013 New Year's Kickstart Project! This year, my Kickstart project is to build a simple video studio that I can use to create more engaging content for Ace of Sales customers. Nothing too fancy or extravagant. I want to use tools and techniques anyone else can copy. However, I want the video quality to be professional - that's key!

Simple Video Studio.

That's it. I have 2 weeks.

I'll document my progress for you as I go.

I'm challenged. Are you?

Do it with me! Last year, I challenged YOU to join my little movement to trade your Resolution for a Kickstart with my first ever "New Year's Kickstart Challenge!" We had a winner and a prize!

So here you go! My 2nd annual New Year's Kickstart Challenge begins NOW!

I'll pick 2 Champs!

Champ 1, Prize 1 - Finish by Monday, January 21st: Complete your Kickstart project and email me the details by 12PM EST (noon) on January 21st. I'll choose one Champ to receive a free year of Ace of Sales, a complete signed set of Jeffrey Gitomer's books, AND a 90 day pass to Jeffrey's and my "Sales Success Webinar Series." My Kickstart Project - my Simple Video Studio - will be done by the 21st - track it here.

Champ 2, Prize 2 - Finish by Monday, January 28th: Complete your Kickstart project and email me the details by 12PM EST (noon) on January 28th. I'll choose one Champ to receive a free year of Ace of Sales and a complete signed set of Jeffrey Gitomer's books. (If you originally committed to the 21st but have been procrastinating, here's your reprieve!)

The criteria: How will I pick the Champs? Your project has to be business related. The winner will be chosen by me on purely subjective terms. In other words, which ever one makes me smile the widest. (Both Champs will be acknowledged here on the Ace of Sales blog by name AND their projects will be highlighted!)

Who can enter: Anyone! (Not just Ace of Sales customers.)

How to enter: First, commit to The Challenge in the comments below by stating your New Year's Kickstart project.

Then, send me an email ( by 12PM EST (noon) on January 21, 2013 to be crowned Champ 1 or by 12 PM EST (noon) on January 28th, 2013 to be crowned Champ 2.

Your email must include an attachment or link to show me your completed project or a detailed description of it. In your email, tell me all about why you chose the project, your strategy behind it, and what you hope it will do for you. (I love the juicy details.)

I'll be announcing the completion of my New Year's Kickstart Project and both Champs the afternoon of January 28th.

Who will be The Champs of my 2nd Annual New Year's Kickstart Challenge!

I'm pulling for YOU!

Follow me on Twitter @andyhorner to keep track of my progress and ideas for you.

Don't forget to add your project description below. It's your commitment to yourself to get it done...

Holiday Contest 2012: Winners Announced!



Congratulations to the 2 winners of our Holiday Contest 2012:


Dave St. Germain - Our new customer winner! On why he signed up for Ace of Sales: "...Simply to find a better way of doing things and to share those improvements with my sales team.  I’ve heard nothing but good things from people who use Ace of Sales, and if Jeffrey Gitomer recommends it I want to find out more.  Really looking forward to diving in.“


Karrie Landsverk - Our existing customer winner! Karrie's entry included a video that had our whole office smiling - check it out!) When we called Karrie to give her the good news, she said we made her day and her year! (Giving contest winners "the news" is really fun!)

Dave and Karrie each won a new iPad (4th gen), a FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer on their new iPad, and a free year of Ace of Sales.

Note to all: We had a blast with this contest and enjoyed all the email entries we received. A huge welcome to all our new customers who have joined us this holiday season and an equally huge thank you to all our existing customers - you never cease to WOW us with your creativity, support, and energy!


12/18/12: Our Holiday Contest is now closed. Our 2 winners will be announced soon right here! If you're one of them, we'll notify you by email.

We sweetened & simplified the Holiday Contest. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Enter by this Monday, 12/17/12 at 11PM EST!

1 step to enter. 2 iPads to win.

It’s been an exciting year with the launch of our latest version of Ace of Sales, which now works on your mobile devices, so we thought we would reward you for all of our hard work.

If you’ve already entered the contest, fear not. Your entry is safe and sound. If you haven’t, well we’ve made it easier for you to do so.

Before we tell you how easy it is to enter, let us remind you of what you can win. One lucky new account holder, and one existing customer will each receive:

  • A brand new iPad 4
  • A free year of Ace of Sales
  • A FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

Don’t have an Ace of Sales account?

Sign up for a 30-day free trial

Congratulations! You’re entered!

Already have an Ace of Sales account?

Send us an email from your Ace of Sales account to

Describe one way you plan to use Ace of Sales to grow your business and build customer relationships in 2013. We’re not judging on creativity, we’re just interested in seeing how you all are using – or want to use – your account.

That’s it!

One thing is the same no matter who you are. If you don’t enter by 11:00 PM EST this Monday, 12/17/12, you’ll lose the chance forever.

We’ll draw the winners randomly next week and announce them in an upcoming issue of Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine Ezine and right here on the Ace of Sales blog. Your FaceTime call with Jeffrey will be scheduled for a time that’s convenient for you and him. ________________________________________________________________________

Contest Rules:

Format: Entries for existing Ace of Sales customers must be submitted in the form of a Branded Email, Email Greeting, or Email Newsletter created with your Ace of Sales account. Tell us how you plan to use Ace of Sales to increase sales, engage customers, follow up, stand out, or succeed in 2013. You're not being graded on creativity, spelling, or brilliance. All entrants have the same chance of winning. However, we reserve the right to laugh at and pass around the office any entry that was obviously created with no effort whatsoever.

To Enter: Existing Ace of Sales customers should send a message adhering to the format guidelines above to us - the Ace of Sales Team - at by 11:00 PM EST on 12/17/12. Ace of Sales is not responsible for undelivered, lost, deleted, unreceived, or late contest entries. If your dog ate it, all you're going to get from us is a... "bad puppy!" If you're a new Ace of Sales customer, you're entered automatically!"

Winner selection: One winner of a new iPad 4, a FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer, and a year free subscription to Ace of Sales will be chosen randomly from all who submit a valid Ace of Sales email message to A second winner of a new iPad 4, a FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer, and a year free subscription to Ace of Sales will be chosen randomly from new Ace of Sales customers.

Winner announcement: The winners will be announced in an upcoming issue of Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine Ezine and on the Ace of Sales blog.

Can I enter the contest if I already have an Ace of Sales account? Yes! Send us an email from your Ace of Sales account following the rules above.

Prize: A new iPad 4 (16GB WiFi only model - $499 value - white or black), a FaceTime chat with Jeffrey Gitomer, and a year free subscription to Ace of Sales ($199 value).

What is Ace of Sales? It's the first email marketing program built for people in sales and people who work 1-on-1 with customers. Send amazing email newsletters to all your contacts in minutes. Or send friendly hellos, follow ups, and thank you greetings to a single or a handful of customers in seconds. Then, see who opened your newsletters and emails and who clicked your links.

How do I sign up for Ace of Sales? Simple! Just go to! Everyone gets a free 30 day trial. Cancel at any time. No contracts. No set up fees.

No purchase necessary. One entry per person. For existing customers, your entry has to be an Ace of Sales Branded Email, Email Greeting, or Newsletter submitted to before 12/17/12 at 11:00PM EST. For new customers, you must sign up for a free Ace of Sales account by 12/17/12 at 11:00 PM EST to be entered. Bribes will not influence us, but hey, we’ll always take free money! Ace of Sales reserves the right to disqualify any entrant for any reason! We probably won’t, but the lawyers told us to say this, in case we change our minds.

New Year 2013 Designs are Loaded!

New Year Art

2013 is knocking at the door and so are we. It's almost time to email your New Year's wishes to your contacts and customers. Should you send them before or after the corks pop and ball drops?

Answer: Anytime the week after Christmas or the first week of January is the best. After that and you missed the sweet spot.

Remember, your New Year's emails should kick off the year with you fresh in the minds of your customers. Don't just say, "Happy New Year." Use this opportunity to give value and explain how you plan to serve your customers for the next 365 days.

To help expedite your New Year's greetings we just added a bunch of new designs for 2013!

Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing and funny bones tingling:


Wake Up - It's the Holidays! Tons of New Customer Smile-Inducing Designs Just Added


Dozens of new designs added for the holidays! Customize them to make them your own - or start from scratch and design one yourself. From classy and sweet to nutty and neat, there's something for every taste and personality. Send one of our original designs created exclusively for business. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... memorable emails for all your contacts this holiday season.

Don't have an account yet? Everyone can sign up and try Ace of Sales 30 days free.

holiday designsblog
holiday designsblog

New Email Editor Video Walkthrough

The new mobile-friendly email editor from Ace of Sales has launched!

This walkthrough will show you how to use the new features and how the new mobile-friendly interface works. Watch and rewatch to get yourself ready to start firing off your stunning Branded Emails, Email Greetings, and Email Newsletters with the new features you requested!

Questions? Concerns? Call us at 800-865-7496 or email us.

Important Notice For Anyone With Saved Drafts


This weekend, we’re upgrading your account with an all new email editor loaded with customer-requested features including a new mobile-friendly interface. Details The entire Ace of Sales email engine has been rebuilt, which is why I'm emailing everyone who has a saved draft, including you. I wanted to give you a heads up that when we launch this upgrade on Friday evening, all drafts prior to the upgrade will disappear and be gone for good.

We know your saved drafts are very important to you. Your draft may be a critcal message you're working on to send in the future. Or, you may just be using your drafts as templates for emails that you send often.

We don't want you to lose your valuable content.

Here are 2 ways to preserve your messages so you can recreate your drafts after the upgrade:

1. Send the drafts to yourself before Friday (Oct 19). This way, the content will be saved in your “Tracker." Then, you can recreate your draft after the upgrade. Your next question may be, “Can't I send the message to myself this week, and then clone it next week after the upgrade?" Unfortunately, no. Cloning will be unavailable for all email orders sent before this Friday, Oct 19 at 11:00PM EDT. This is a one time event – all emails sent after this weekend's upgrade will be available to clone.

2. Copy and Paste your message somewhere safe on your computer before Friday (Oct 19). Use Notepad or a Word document. Make sure to include your subject line too so you don't forget it. Next week, you'll be able to quickly recreate your draft after the upgrade. Saved Drafts next week and beyond will be permanent and you can use them just like you did before.

If you have any questions, call my support team or send them an email – They'll be happy to help you!

– Andy