Champs Announced: 2013 New Year's Kickstart Challenge

Every new year, I start off with a Kickstart instead of a Resolution. It's a 2 week project that gets my year rocking on the right note. And it's my tradition to challenge my customers and readers - you guys - to do it with me. This year, my Kickstart Project was to create a simple video studio in my home, so I could record value messages for my customers. I got it done by my deadline! And many of you submitted your completed Kickstart projects on time too! From those who submitted their projects on time, I pick someone whose project impressed me the most and award them with a nice prize and the title of my New Year's Kickstart Challenge Champ!

This year I picked two Champs! So, who are they?

Drumroll, please...

My 2013 Kickstart Challenge Champs are:


MANDY DEVEAU – Champ 1 (January 21 Deadline)

Mandy's project really stood out. How? Because it wasn't a splashy website, video campaign, or newsletter. It was a proposal. A boring, grueling looooong proposal. But by getting this beast done and submitted, Mandy was able to promote her Chevy Dealership at a major event in her region.

The event led to a string of connections and opportunities. She was invited to cross-promote her dealership with other area advertisers. The cross-promotion opportunity has led to a connection with a 30-year industry expert who is now mentoring Mandy. The experience has given Mandy the resources and knowledge to launch her own car enthusiast event at her dealership. Mandy sparked a networking chain-reaction! Now, that's how you kickstart your year.

Way to go, Mandy!

Take-away: To get to the buried treasure, you've got to do the dirty work first.


FRED WALTON – Champ 2 (January 28 Deadline)

Fred, nicknamed FREED THE KREED, works at a call center. But don't mistake THE KREED for one of the phone operators who have all the life sucked out of them by complaining callers.

Fred was inspired by all his goofball call center chums to create an online comic called, "Call Center." The cast of characters brings to life the antics and humor of the wackos, weirdos, and buddies he works with. Fred's goal is to build his following, attract the attention of a major TV network, and eventually sell them the options to transform his comic into a nationally broadcast sitcom. Ambitious? Yes! Impossible? Well, that's the word all the nay sayers use right before a network executive calls you to change your life forever. Never say never!

Fred's Comic Cast:


Congratulations, Fred!

Take-away: Aim high, and when you hit your target all the pests who said you couldn't do it will look like ants.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who completed their Kickstart project! You inspired and impressed me.

You are your own Champ and you have given yourself the fuel to make 2013 a catalyst for a long run of success.

Keep the momentum going!

NOTE: What the heck!? In my exuberance to record my first video in my studio, I got both the Champs' names wrong. My apology to Mandy DEVEAU and Fred WALTON. I need a studio director but my 4 year old can't read yet. ;)