Charles Cannon: Value Deliverer Par Excellence

Charles CannonCharles Cannon's emails to his customers are so good they intimidate me! He is a "Client Advisor" (awesome job title) for Advantage BMW in Houston, TX. This guy understands what most sales people do not – how to stay in front of his customers with real value on a routine basis. Let me break it down...

3 Charles Cannon take-aways:

1. Be Professional

Look at this guy's photo! Great lighting. Great smile. Power posture. (Is your photo this good? If not, fix it.) The blue gradient block behind him adds a unique, polished touch. His emails are cleanly laid out. His articles are short. He avoids rainbow-colored text (so should you). He delivers short, scannable, well-written, proofed articles. His professionalism validates his claim to be a client advisor.

2. Be Approachable

His smile is friendly but confident – essential to gaining trust. He signs off his emails, "Your friend in the car business" as a reinforcement that he is on the customer's side. Throughout his emails, he reminds customers to contact him any time with questions. His messages are rich with the word "you" rather than "I." His customers can't miss the fact that Charles is always thinking about them, working for them, and available to them. His doors are wide open.

3. Provide Value

The first two tips are prerequisites if you want your customers to listen up. Without them, regardless of your expertise, you repel rather than attract. Once you have your customers' respect and attention, the magic happens. And when it comes to magic, Charles has a few tricks up his sleeve.

He sends information and advice he knows his customers will be thrilled to receive. Details about BMW's latest models or the new safety test results are examples. Charles uses Branded Emails for short updates. To really grab customers, he sends Email Greetings with compelling images like a crash test car with the title: "Will your family survive this accident in another vehicle?" When he wants to add support content, like helpful tips and links to videos, he publishes an Ezine.

The versatility of the different email formats enables Charles to deliver value to his customers on a regular basis and solidify his position as their indispensable resource and go-to advisor. When it's time to purchase their next BMW, who will they visit? Charles Cannon.