Clone a Contact - What to do With a Fistful of Business Cards

OK—you just left a meeting at a new client's office. Everyone from the president to the intern handed you their business card. You'd love to send them all a Branded Email as a follow up, but you'd rather not block off your entire afternoon to enter all their info into Ace of Sales. Afterall, their contact info is mostly identical—same company name, same address, etc. So what do you do?

Clone them! That's right, use the "Clone" feature for faster data entry and save time!

Here's how:

1. Enter the first contact by clicking "Add Contact."

2. Fill in the info from the first business card. Click Save.

3. To enter the next contact, click the "Clone" link under the first contact's name.

4. The shared info will be pre-filled for you. Just enter your next contact's name, email & phone number.

That's it! You just got a fistful of time back.