Crack a Few Smiles This Easter with Four 'Fab'ulous Pre-created Messages

I've always thought Faberge eggs were over the top. The amount of ostentatious detail that artists invest in the graceless shape of the egg is just plain silly. 

So, this Easter, we decided to poke a little fun at the world of Imperial Eggs by imagining how self-conscious plain old, everyday eggs might feel in the presence of Faberge grandeur.

Our new feature messages for Easter are predesigned, prewritten and ready to send in a couple clicks for just $1.99 each!

To send one of these 'fab'ulous messages, click on the Message Library and then click the Easter category. 

Don't have an Ace of Sales account yet? That's as silly as a Faberge! It's free to try for 30 days - hop to it!

Check out the two examples below...

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