Customer Insight: Less Creation. More Creativity.

By Ace of Sales Customer and Champion, Jeff Blair Over and over, I hear small business owners groan that despite all the work they put into their email marketing efforts, customers don’t respond. But when I peek at their emails, they look like all the others – noisy catalog-like pages or spammy solicitations!

They’ve spent too much time fooling with the technology, building their templates, automating the process, but not enough on creativity. For your emails to be effective, they must be simple, fun, value-focused, and express your unique personality.

I’m full of ideas, but like many small business owners, I lack the technical ability to build graphic-rich emails. When Ace of Sales was introduced, the light bulb went off because this program does all the technical and design work for me. My emails appear clean, branded, and legitimate – not spammy. All that’s left is to have fun.

I use Email Greetings and Ezines as canvasses to express my expertise, ideas, suggestions, promotions, and personality to my customers. I send at least one email to my contact list each week (or at least every other week). I simply plug in my ideas in the form of pictures and words and Ace of Sales designs and delivers them as beautiful, crisp communications.

My company sells closet and garage organization products to contractors. In order to stand out, I bring my products to life! For example, I'll have one of my featured products speak for itself. I use the custom designer in Ace of Sales to add word bubbles to my tie racks and hamper baskets.They may tout one of their benefits or suggested uses. This little shot of personality surprises my customers, endears them to me, and creates dialogue.

My recommendation to small business owners: spend less time creating emails and more time sending creative emails. Use Ace of Sales to connect with your customers by being personable and professional.

Focus on two areas: delivering value and building your personal brand. Let Ace of Sales handle the design and technology for you. It will help put you on your customer’s radar ahead of everyone else.