Happily Ever After?

Whether it's a pitch, a presentation, a lunch meeting or bedtime story, make the ending magical!

I have four boys all under the age of six. (Yes, I'm insane.) Their favorite thing in the whole wide universe (as they put it) is story time with Daddy.

My kids are the Pixar Generation. They don't want rehashed "Goldilocks" or "Jack and the Beanstalk" garbage! They demand original Oscar-winning tales each night.

I usually do pretty well. But not last week.

I arrived at the climax of the story. Bottoms - on the edge of their seats. Eyes - as big as dinner plates. They were clearly expecting a fantastic finale. I went blank. I had nothing. I wrapped it up with something lame and they groaned, "Daddy! That's the worst ending ever!"

If your ending bombs, your entire story is a failure. Selling is storytelling. Make sure you nail the conclusion. Take the time to think through the last sentence, the last slide, the last word. Practice it. Perfect it. Test it on your sales manager, your spouse, and on the most difficult audience of all... your kids.