Holiday Contest 2012: Winners Announced!



Congratulations to the 2 winners of our Holiday Contest 2012:


Dave St. Germain - Our new customer winner! On why he signed up for Ace of Sales: "...Simply to find a better way of doing things and to share those improvements with my sales team.  I’ve heard nothing but good things from people who use Ace of Sales, and if Jeffrey Gitomer recommends it I want to find out more.  Really looking forward to diving in.“


Karrie Landsverk - Our existing customer winner! Karrie's entry included a video that had our whole office smiling - check it out!) When we called Karrie to give her the good news, she said we made her day and her year! (Giving contest winners "the news" is really fun!)

Dave and Karrie each won a new iPad (4th gen), a FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer on their new iPad, and a free year of Ace of Sales.

Note to all: We had a blast with this contest and enjoyed all the email entries we received. A huge welcome to all our new customers who have joined us this holiday season and an equally huge thank you to all our existing customers - you never cease to WOW us with your creativity, support, and energy!


12/18/12: Our Holiday Contest is now closed. Our 2 winners will be announced soon right here! If you're one of them, we'll notify you by email.

We sweetened & simplified the Holiday Contest. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Enter by this Monday, 12/17/12 at 11PM EST!

1 step to enter. 2 iPads to win.

It’s been an exciting year with the launch of our latest version of Ace of Sales, which now works on your mobile devices, so we thought we would reward you for all of our hard work.

If you’ve already entered the contest, fear not. Your entry is safe and sound. If you haven’t, well we’ve made it easier for you to do so.

Before we tell you how easy it is to enter, let us remind you of what you can win. One lucky new account holder, and one existing customer will each receive:

  • A brand new iPad 4
  • A free year of Ace of Sales
  • A FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

Don’t have an Ace of Sales account?

Sign up for a 30-day free trial

Congratulations! You’re entered!

Already have an Ace of Sales account?

Send us an email from your Ace of Sales account to

Describe one way you plan to use Ace of Sales to grow your business and build customer relationships in 2013. We’re not judging on creativity, we’re just interested in seeing how you all are using – or want to use – your account.

That’s it!

One thing is the same no matter who you are. If you don’t enter by 11:00 PM EST this Monday, 12/17/12, you’ll lose the chance forever.

We’ll draw the winners randomly next week and announce them in an upcoming issue of Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine Ezine and right here on the Ace of Sales blog. Your FaceTime call with Jeffrey will be scheduled for a time that’s convenient for you and him. ________________________________________________________________________

Contest Rules:

Format: Entries for existing Ace of Sales customers must be submitted in the form of a Branded Email, Email Greeting, or Email Newsletter created with your Ace of Sales account. Tell us how you plan to use Ace of Sales to increase sales, engage customers, follow up, stand out, or succeed in 2013. You're not being graded on creativity, spelling, or brilliance. All entrants have the same chance of winning. However, we reserve the right to laugh at and pass around the office any entry that was obviously created with no effort whatsoever.

To Enter: Existing Ace of Sales customers should send a message adhering to the format guidelines above to us - the Ace of Sales Team - at by 11:00 PM EST on 12/17/12. Ace of Sales is not responsible for undelivered, lost, deleted, unreceived, or late contest entries. If your dog ate it, all you're going to get from us is a... "bad puppy!" If you're a new Ace of Sales customer, you're entered automatically!"

Winner selection: One winner of a new iPad 4, a FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer, and a year free subscription to Ace of Sales will be chosen randomly from all who submit a valid Ace of Sales email message to A second winner of a new iPad 4, a FaceTime call with Jeffrey Gitomer, and a year free subscription to Ace of Sales will be chosen randomly from new Ace of Sales customers.

Winner announcement: The winners will be announced in an upcoming issue of Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine Ezine and on the Ace of Sales blog.

Can I enter the contest if I already have an Ace of Sales account? Yes! Send us an email from your Ace of Sales account following the rules above.

Prize: A new iPad 4 (16GB WiFi only model - $499 value - white or black), a FaceTime chat with Jeffrey Gitomer, and a year free subscription to Ace of Sales ($199 value).

What is Ace of Sales? It's the first email marketing program built for people in sales and people who work 1-on-1 with customers. Send amazing email newsletters to all your contacts in minutes. Or send friendly hellos, follow ups, and thank you greetings to a single or a handful of customers in seconds. Then, see who opened your newsletters and emails and who clicked your links.

How do I sign up for Ace of Sales? Simple! Just go to! Everyone gets a free 30 day trial. Cancel at any time. No contracts. No set up fees.

No purchase necessary. One entry per person. For existing customers, your entry has to be an Ace of Sales Branded Email, Email Greeting, or Newsletter submitted to before 12/17/12 at 11:00PM EST. For new customers, you must sign up for a free Ace of Sales account by 12/17/12 at 11:00 PM EST to be entered. Bribes will not influence us, but hey, we’ll always take free money! Ace of Sales reserves the right to disqualify any entrant for any reason! We probably won’t, but the lawyers told us to say this, in case we change our minds.