Holsters Empty No More! From Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine

"'Stay in touch' is the most powerful, least used sales tool." Jeffrey Gitomer tweeted, referencing his new online service Ace of Sales. You'd think the most powerful weapon we have as salespeople would be the one we wield the most! At Jeffrey’s public seminar last month in Atlanta, I did some investigating with hard-working, in-the-trenches salespeople. I asked the question, "How would you rate how well you 'follow up' and 'stay in touch?' 1 is terrible. 5 is excellent." I even added: "Be honest. It's OK to brag." Of the dozens of salespeople I asked, not a single person rated themselves above "terrible." A few declined with the answer, "I'm embarrassed to say." Now that's honest. How would you rate yourself?

When I asked "Why?" most people answered, "I just don't have the time." What would Jeffrey say to that? Probably something about how much TV we watch and a few other truths that make us all cringe and nod.

Well, there's good news and bad news...and then more good news.

The good news is that most of the salespeople I met that day are now using Ace of Sales to follow up and stay in touch. I've heard back from many of them who are now benefiting from Jeffrey's Ace of Sales video tips and strategies. They're also sending emails, postcard mailings, greeting cards, and gift cards in seconds; all designed with the salesperson's vibrant branding, messages, and images. They're even publishing customized ezines!

In reading their stories, I was reminded why we do such a poor job staying in touch with customers. It's because our holsters have been empty. But when you give salespeople a weapon that works, they will wield it and conquer their customers' hearts.

One of the salespeople I met that day was the gregarious James Maher, Director of Sales and Marketing for DoubleTree Hotel in Atlanta. He even recorded a video about Ace of Sales. He says, "Ace of Sales is hands down the most useful sales tool I've seen to date." He described Ace of Sales it's not overly complex yet not too limited – perfect for salespeople.

Watch James' video testimonial for Ace of Sales.

The bad news is that even though Jeffrey has advised us all to build loyal relationships and publicize our personal brand, you may still be rating yourself a one. Is it because you just can't give up your American Idol, Survivor, and Dancing with the Stars? I hope not. Chances are, you're just like the phenomenal people in Atlanta who have busy lives, limited time, and an empty holster when it comes to 'stay in touch.'

So here's the "more good news" part. Jeffrey and our team created Ace of Sales so you can be EXCELLENT at staying in touch! It's fast, easy...and actually fun to use! The interface is straight-forward. Technology and design are automated. All the tools you need are there. Everything is secure and accessible. It's affordable – only $20 a month. Trust me – it's loaded! All you have to do is pull the trigger.