How Does Yahoo!'s New Email Policy Impact You?

Are you seeing a lot of email bounces recently? Are you sending your Ace of Sales emails from a Yahoo! email address, like  These two circumstances are probably related, and it's likely due to Yahoo!'s new email authentication policy. 

Before I explain the impact of the new policy and what you can do about it, let me first describe the basics of how email marketing services, like Ace of Sales, send email. When you're logged in to your Yahoo! account and send email, you're sending directly from your Yahoo! email address through the Yahoo! email servers. Your recipients see your Yahoo! email address in the From field.

When you send email through any email marketing service, Ace of Sales included, you're really sending from an email address hosted on the email marketing service's email servers.  Most people who use email marketing services and their recipients rarely see the 'true' email address of the sending server. Why? Because, email marketing services allow you to display what email address you want your recipients to see in the From field. You can use any email address you like, including a address.

When you use an email marketing service, it appears to your recipients that you're sending them an email from your Yahoo! email account. In actuality, it's being sent from a hidden email address from your email marketing service's server.

Though you may find it hard to believe, there are loads of people who abuse email. Shocker, right? Because of this, Yahoo! has finally decided they don't want people sending email from what appears to be a Yahoo! email address, when it really isn't. Understandable.

Yahoo!'s new policy change is also a technology change. Whatever email marketing service you use, Ace of Sales or anyone else, using a email address in the From field will cause a very high number of your emails to be bounced or blocked. That means your recipients never receive your emails. Not all email sent from an email marketing service using a email address in the From field may be bounced – but it will certainly be enough to notice in your open and click rates.

If the email address in your From field ends in, any of your recipients who use an email service that respects DMARC polices, like Gmail, Hotmail, and other prominent services will be much more likely to reject – or bounce – your email. 

So what can you do?

Simple. Switch from using a Yahoo! email address in your From field to another email address. You can use an email address from Gmail or Hotmail, who don't currently have the same authentication policy as Yahoo!. Could they adopt the same policy in the future? Yes, they could. Email fraud is worse than ever, and it's certainly within these popular services' rights to protect themselves.

The best strategy is to switch over to a custom email address that you set up at a hosting service like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or 1&1. You can get or Another alternative is to use your existing company email address. Or you could set up an email address to use just with your email campaigns or newsletter, like It doesn't cost much and you'll avoid the high bounces due to Yahoo!'s new policies.

Ace of Sales offers one other option that few other email marketing services provide, so you can continue sending email from your email address. It's included with every account. We call it 'Email Delivery Boost.' Using this feature, you can send to up to 25 recipients at a time. Turn it on inside your Profile area, and you can set up your Ace of Sales account to send from your email server, including a account. To learn more about this feature, contact our Support Team at 800-865-7496 or

There are two constants with email marketing - nothing is ever constant, and email marketing will continue to grow. Learn, adapt, and keep having fun with your recipients!

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