How to Personalize Your Emails With "Name Tags"

When you send an email to multiple recipients, wouldn't it be nice if each recipient saw their own name? Mary's email would read "Hi, Mary," Scott's would read "Hi, Scott," and Christa would see "Hi, Christa." You get the drift. With our "Name" menu on the email and ezine editor screens, you can do just that! When you click to edit your message, look for this menu:

Just place your cursor wherever you want to add the personalized name in your message and then click the "Name" menu. There are three "Name Tag" choices – First Name, First & Last Name, and Company Name.

After you select a choice from the "Name" menu, a corresponding tag will be placed where your cursor was positioned in your message.

It looks like a tag in your Ace of Sales editor, but when each recipient receives their email it will show their First Name, First & Last Name, or Company Name, like this:

Tip: You don't have to choose the tag from the "Name" menu. You can just type the tags! Just make sure they look exactly like this: [First Name], [First & Last Name], or [Company Name]. (Word to the wise - make sure you use brackets [ ] - not curly braces { })

Tip: You can add as many "Name Tags" to your message as you like. (Word to the wise - adding too many tags can look spammy and obnoxious.)