Import Your Contacts from Mac's Address Book into Ace of Sales

First, export your contacts from Mac's Address Book as a vCard File: Here's how:

To get your Mac Address Book contacts into Ace of Sales, export them as a vCard. Then you can import the vCard into Ace of Sales.

To create a single vCard with multiple contacts, select multiple entries in the Address Book window and drag them to the desktop (Mac Finder).

Mac Export vCard Address Book

The multiple entries will be joined into a single card.

How To Export Mac Address Book group vCard

You can also use options in Address Book’s "File" menu to export vCard files.

Export Group vCard CRM Address Book Mac Macintosh

Then import your contacts as a vCard file into Ace of Sales:

Log in to Ace of Sales, and click the Contacts tab. Next click "Import Contacts" on the left side of the screen. Choose "Generic CSV or vCard".

Then, click Browse to choose your vCard file from your Mac desktop. Click Continue and follow the prompts. You can import your vCard file contacts into a new or existing group.

For more information about exporting from Mac's Address book go here.