Import Your Contacts from Salesforce into Ace of Sales

Import your contact database from Salesforce into your new CRMHere's how to import your contacts from

1. Open Salesforce and click the Contacts tab.

2. Under Reports, click "Mailing List".

3. Next to Preview choose “Tabular Format" and click Tabular.

4. Click "Run Report".

5. Click the "Export Details" button.

6. On the next screen, next to “Export File Format", choose “Comma Delimited .csv". (Do not change the “Export File Encoding" setting.) Safari users for Mac - choose "Excel Format .xls", then after the file is exported to your computer, open it and resave it as a CSV file.

7. Click Export.

8. Salesforce will save the file to your computer.

9. Import your CSV file into Ace of Sales by clicking the Contacts tab, then clicking “Import Contacts", then "Generic CSV or vCard" and choosing your Salesforce file.