Important Notice For Anyone With Saved Drafts


This weekend, we’re upgrading your account with an all new email editor loaded with customer-requested features including a new mobile-friendly interface. Details The entire Ace of Sales email engine has been rebuilt, which is why I'm emailing everyone who has a saved draft, including you. I wanted to give you a heads up that when we launch this upgrade on Friday evening, all drafts prior to the upgrade will disappear and be gone for good.

We know your saved drafts are very important to you. Your draft may be a critcal message you're working on to send in the future. Or, you may just be using your drafts as templates for emails that you send often.

We don't want you to lose your valuable content.

Here are 2 ways to preserve your messages so you can recreate your drafts after the upgrade:

1. Send the drafts to yourself before Friday (Oct 19). This way, the content will be saved in your “Tracker." Then, you can recreate your draft after the upgrade. Your next question may be, “Can't I send the message to myself this week, and then clone it next week after the upgrade?" Unfortunately, no. Cloning will be unavailable for all email orders sent before this Friday, Oct 19 at 11:00PM EDT. This is a one time event – all emails sent after this weekend's upgrade will be available to clone.

2. Copy and Paste your message somewhere safe on your computer before Friday (Oct 19). Use Notepad or a Word document. Make sure to include your subject line too so you don't forget it. Next week, you'll be able to quickly recreate your draft after the upgrade. Saved Drafts next week and beyond will be permanent and you can use them just like you did before.

If you have any questions, call my support team or send them an email – They'll be happy to help you!

– Andy