K.O. Your Customers with the Ace of Sales "One, Two Punch!"

Sales and Self MarketingHow often should you be in front of all your customers with a value-packed Ezine? Every week? Every two weeks? Once a month?

For most salespeople, every week is the right answer. Here's why...

Every Monday, your customers' brains reset. They begin thinking about new things, projects, ideas, and responsibilities. With all that, they tend to forget about you.

Each week it's your job to re-enter their world by saying hello and delivering your expertise. However, the time to create an article-rich Ezine each week is overwhelming for many busy salespeople.

Use the Ace of Sales "One, Two Punch," invented by Mike Brito and perfected by Jeff Blair, to reach all your customers and contacts weekly without sweating it! Here's how it works:

Week 1 - Send a Branded Email with a single article, tip, or story.

Week 2 - Send a full blown Ezine.

Week 3 - Send an Email Greeting with a product or service update.

Week 4 - Send a full blown Ezine.

Rinse, repeat, and reap the rewards!

Ding, ding...it's time to get in the ring. The Ace of Sales "One, Two Punch" is the right combo to knock out the competition and keep your customers in your corner for life.