Letter to Our Customers About Our Name Change

Ace of Sales is changing its name. Here's why.

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had for standing out from your competitors? I can tell you my worst. After college, I wanted to differentiate myself as a freelance designer who could think out of the box. I asked myself, what’s something outrageous I could do to get people’s attention? Then it hit me! How about a suit made of red crushed velvet!? I could wear it to networking events! All the marketing people in town would say, “There’s the creative guy in the crazy suit!” Despite the excitement of a local seamstress to get started right away, I did a quick gut check. I sent a sketch of ‘the suit’ to my friend, Liz. She’d tell it to me straight. Liz’s response: 

“Andy, this would definitely turn heads. However, if you’re a good designer you don’t need to make a spectacle of yourself. Just show your work.” 

I had to admit, she was right. The seamstress had to admit she’d like to stitch Liz’s mouth shut.

Over the last five years of leading the team here at Ace of Sales, I’m reminded of this lesson. Since our beginning, we’ve asked our customers two questions: “What do you use Ace of Sales for most?” and “What do you love most about it?” We expected their responses to be “I use it to make sales” and “I love that it helps me make sales.” Hence the name, ‘Ace of Sales.’ 

However, our customers’ actual answers were, “I mostly use it to follow up” and “I love that it helps me stand out.” Their responses were revealing and profound – and prompted an important next question. 

What’s the best way to stand out? Flashing signs? Booming speakers? A red crushed velvet suit? (I still want one.)

Our customers gave us the answer: The best way to stand out is to be outstanding!

(Told you they were amazing.)

This was more than an epiphany for us. It defined everything we needed to be for our customers and crystalized who we have been all along.

Second epiphany. We needed to change our name to reflect this revelation.

I began scribbling the words “stand out” and “outstanding” on countless notepads, loose papers, meeting agendas, and even my hand when there was nothing to write on. One day, I scratched the ‘ing’ off the end of “outstanding.” 

Outstand. I kinda loved it. Gut check – I sent it to the team and a few customers. They kinda loved it too. It captured what our customers care about most, and serendipitously, what we’re most passionate about.

And so, after months of preparation and an awesome effort by our team…

Ace of Sales is officially changing its name to Outstand on October 28, 2015.

What does our new name mean for you, our amazing customer?

It means you get our renewed commitment to help you stand out. It’s also our promise to become more outstanding in everything we do for you – from new features and content to how we communicate with you and support you.

What will change for you?

  • Our main web address will switch to outstand.com on October 28th
  • Our Support email will switch to support@outstand.com
  • Our growing team has added some new faces and talent

What won’t change?

  • You can still login at aceofsales.com (it’ll re-route to outstand.com)
  • Your username and password will remain the same
  • Your account will work the same
  • Your data will all be there
  • Our Support phone number is the same: 800-865-7496

We hope you find our new name to be as perfect a fit as a tailored suit (no, not red crushed velvet). Here’s to a future together that’s nothing short of… outstanding!


Andy Horner
CEO, Ace of Sales (soon to be Outstand)