Like it or not, YOU are now a business!


Salespeople who still view themselves as an employee are in trouble in the new business world. Unless you have actual ownership in the company you represent, you no longer have a "job" or "career." You yourself are now a business and the company you represent is the platform on which you sell and market. You're far more like one of the millions of small businesses that battle it out on platforms like Ebay, Google, and Amazon than a valuable team member in a sales department.

So how do you compete now that you are your own business?

Like any business, you'll need a web presence. Thankfully, all the tools to create one are free thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, and Youtube. Also, you'll need a personal brand that offers unique value. And you'll need to master the art of email marketing and engagement. How else will your contacts know about your brand and web presence if you don't lure and link them there?

When you embrace the fact that you are now your own business and start establishing your personal brand, social media web presence, and outreach campaign, you'll be ready. Go get 'em!