New Feature Sneak Peek: Message Library


For a while, you've been able to clone, save, and share your messages in Ace of Sales. Helpful. But we've received a stream of requests for improved message management. You asked for: + The ability to categorize your saved messages + The option to create your own categories + A visual preview to more easily select messages + A library of messages we write and design for you

Requests granted!

Early December, look for my announcement of our beta roll out of the new Message Library. It will be a new main tab in your account automatically added for you (no download required).

The Message Library will be filled with dozens of completed messages you can purchase for $1.99 and use immediately. It's like the iTunes of business messages.

We'll have pre-written, pre-designed messages for thank yous, hellos, follow ups, birthdays, and much more. Look for our special messages for December holidays and New Years. You'll be able to choose messages for both email and printed cards.

More information coming next week, but I wanted to give you a morsel to start digesting along with those delicious Thanksgiving dishes.