New Father's Day Graphics & Messages: No Dad Left Behind!


Father's Day is Sunday, June 15th – but think for a moment about last Father's Day. To how many friends did you wish a "Happy Father's Day?" Lots, right? We do it because it's a gesture of respect to family men we admire. Now think of all the customers, co-workers, and partners who are family men you admire. 

Father's Day messages and graphics by Ace of Sales are designed for you so you can shout out your message of respect to them all. Surprise ALL the great fathers in your life with 7 new messages that are written, designed and ready to send – and – 7 new dynamic graphics to add to your Father's Day greeting.

Don't leave any fathers behind – WOW them with an email or printed card that will make them feel respected and help you be remembered.

Log in to Ace of Sales (or sign up for a free 30 day trial). Open a new email or printed card window. Then choose a graphic from the Father's Day category. To use a pre-written message, click on 'Message Library' and search for 'Father's Day.'


Father's Day Messages Set 1 - "Breaking Plaid"

Father's Day Messages Set 2 - "Dadspirationals"

Father's Day Graphics Set 1 - "King of the..."

Father's Day Graphics Set 2 - "Superhero"