New Features Preview

New to your Ace of Sales account next week!

Finally! Quickly Resend an Email

Our most requested feature is the ability to easily resend a previously sent email without having to recreate it. Our new "Clone" button does just that. Send an email - then click "clone" to send to another contact. Yeah, we know. It's about time!


Total Tracker Upgrade

All your tracker data is now easier to review and organize. There's a quick way to view everything from opens, clicks, bounces, opt outs, and the original email you sent. 


Filter Email Results

One of the top Tracker requests we've received is to make it easier to filter by opens, bounces, and opt outs. Done. Check out the new, fast filtering tool. You can also create groups on the fly and delete contacts quickly.


Click Tracking

Email is all about your call to action (ex: "Download this PDF," "View this webpage," "Watch this video," "Follow me on Twitter"). Now you can track who clicks the links in your emails and follow up fast.


New Action Menus

Click the down arrow button next to items in your Tracker (and in other areas of your Ace of Sales account) to quickly reschedule email, clone previously sent email, cancel email, send email, delete contacts, and more.


Delete Contacts from a Group

Many customers have requested a way to delete contacts from groups. Now, when you're viewing a group of contacts, you can select who you want to permanently delete by choosing the option "Remove From Group" and then click a check box to delete. That's one small but powerful check box.


Improved List View

Now, view ALL of your contacts on one screen, so you can select them all at one time, not just a page at a time.


Questions or Comments about the New Features?

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