New Webinar! Be A Fly On The Wall As Sally Hogshead Interviews Andy Horner - Recording Now Available

Be A Fly On The Wall As Sally Hogshead Interviews Andy Horner and Jeffrey Gitomer

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to overhear a conversation between the best in the world of sales and marketing, now’s your chance.

Sally Hogshead recently visited with Andy Horner and Jeffrey Gitomer to discuss her new book, How The World Sees You*, and the conversations that took place have resulted in two of the most valuable webinars ever for self marketers and sales professionals just like you.

In fact, here's a short preview of Andy and Sally having fun as they discuss the book and what Andy learned:

Check out this insider’s view of how to discover your highest value.

How the World Sees Jeffrey Gitomer   |   How the World Sees Andy Horner

Author and brand authority Sally Hogshead began her career as one of the world’s advertising leaders, creating fascinating messages to help top brands become more profitable, respected, and loved. 

Now she is giving you the exact words to identify how your personality is most likely to add value. She wants to help you uncover the natural advantages of your personality so you can grow revenue, build relationships, and become intensely valuable to those who matter most.

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* This just in! Right after these sessions were recorded, How The World Sees You was named #1 Wall Street Journal and #2 New York Times bestseller!

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