New Webinar: Satisfied vs Loyal: To Serve is to Rule


It is our nature to pay attention to the fires that burn brightest. For sales people, those fires are usually represented by recently uncovered prospects. But this approach neglects our deep-seated desire to nurture the people in our lives that are important to us. Now I’m not trying to put a sales prospect on the same tier as your significant other or parents or children, but in terms of your career it doesn’t get any more important than a potential client. Giving a new prospect your undivided attention for a while is a great way to get her in your sales pipeline and satisfy her that you're at least worth considering when it comes time to buy. But satisfaction? Consideration? Those aren't your goals.

Your goal should be loyalty. Satisfaction may keep you in the conversation, but loyalty will get you the sale every time.

So how do you build loyalty? First, you have to understand that there's no such thing as loyalty at first sight. But there are techniques you can use to accomplish your goal of building loyalty.

Join Jeffrey and I this Wednesday, September 12 for our newest webinar, Satisfied vs. Loyal: To Serve is to Rule. For $29 you will learn how to grow a loyal base of customers.

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