New Year's Kickstart Challenge


I'm the only person I've ever known who's kept a New Year's Resolution.

Several years ago I made a New Year's Resolution to never make another New Year's Resolution. Since then, I've kept it perfectly. How're you doing with yours?

Freed from resolutions, I challenge myself at the threshold of each year to complete a quick goal. I call it a "New Year's Kickstart." It works.

It should take no more than a week or 2 to complete and should light the fuse for your strategy for the year. Whether you've made a New Year's Resolution or not, I invite you to join me in my first ever "New Year's Kickstart Challenge".

My "New Year's Kickstart" for 2012 is to complete and launch my personal website.

Have an unfinished white paper, blog, webinar, or presentation? Get your project done before I announce the launch of my personal site on January 19th, and you could score a snazzy reward!

New Year's Kickstart Challenge Rules

1. Has to be a business-related project unless it's something really, really cool (like an office chocolate fondue fountain). 2. Has to be emailed to me as an attachment, link or description before my email announcement on Jan. 19. 3. My favorite (based on purely subjective criteria) gets a free year subscription to Ace of Sales. 4. Anyone can enter. (Ace of Sales users and non-users.) Have an annual account already? You'll get your next year's subscription free.

I'll announce my pick the week of January 23rd in my email update, here on the blog, and in Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine!

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