New Year's Kickstart Challenge Results!

Each year, I begin with a New Year’s Kickstart rather than a useless resolution. Instead of resolving to do something, I just do it.

My Kickstart for 2012 was to launch my personal website: in two weeks. Done! Check it out.

This year, I invited my Ace of Sales customers and everyone else on my email list to start their year off the same way. The result was my first ever New Year’s Kickstart Challenge. I gave them two weeks to complete a project they’ve been meaning to get done.

Many of you took the challenge! Websites. Blogs. Campaigns. Brochures. Videos. I was astounded at how many of you wrote in to describe how much you appreciated the challenge and the projects you were able to complete in just two weeks. Imagine if you did this once a month!

So, let’s get to the fun part…

For further incentive, I offered to reward one entry with a free year of Ace of Sales, a mention on my new personal site, and a shout out in Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine.

Drum roll, please! And the Rewardee is…

JEFF ZAHRT – Business Website –

DJ Jeff Zahrt

Why I picked it: Jeff completed his disc jockey business website in just two weeks. I chose it for the scope of what he achieved, the impact it will have on his business, and the obstacles he overcame. Jeff’s old site had to be torn down in 2011 due to a virus – a major setback. He started off the year by fighting back with the launch of a new and improved site.

As they used to say at my Little League Baseball games when you hit a home run, “Pick up your hotdog and drink after the game." Great work, Jeff. Way to kickstart your year!

My staff will be contacting you to give you your reward.

Here are a few other Kickstart submissions I’d like to congratulate and highlight…


STEWART JORDAN – Personal Website –

Stewart was also motivated by the Kickstart Challenge to get his website up and running! I love the bold gold color, his excellent portrait shot, and that he added strong content and a video on the homepage. Stewart, I hope your new site leads to big success in 2012.

DEBI TALBERT – Youtube Interview –

Debi has a blog titled “Menopausal Morphing" that offers support and guidance to women facing the menopause stage of life. For my Kickstart Challenge, Debi created her first-ever Youtube video interview for her blog with an expert in the field of menopause. She plans to offer more advice from experts on her blog so that she can deliver deeper value to her readers. Excellent work, Debi. Big points for learning a new technology.

ANNA YOTT – Travel blog –

Anna Yott blog

Anna had been working on getting this set up for months, but because of the Kickstart Challenge, she got it done and has started branching out to other social media like Youtube and Flickr!  "It is still a work in progress," she says, “but what isn’t?" Exactly! Most people are still “thinking" about getting something done. Anna, however, is a woman of action. I’m definitely in the ‘Yott’ Club.

HOWARD WALSTEIN – DJ Postcard Campaign –

Howard Walstein dj postcards

Howard developed a postcard campaign to differentiate his business from the myriad other DJ businesses in his area. Loads of photos. Excitement. Energy. Success! We expect Howard will dance circles around his competition in 2012.

BETTINA BLANCHARD - Business Ezine -

Bettina Blanchard ezine email newsletter

Bettina has already launched 2 issues of her new ezine (using Ace of Sales, of course). “Life Simplified Ezine" is the title. She’s helping her contacts “Save Time, Money, & Reduce Stress." Good luck, Bettina. The value you provide your customers regularly will pay in spades. Looking forward to your next issue.

Finally, a few more mentions. The following individuals didn’t submit a project, but took my Kickstart Challenge as an opportunity to kickstart their year with success and improvement.

PHIL WEST – Quarter Million in Sales – $150,000 – 250,000 in new business already sold in January. Phil wanted to start the New Year with a “bang and a wallah", so with hard work, Ace of Sales, and persistence he did!

LINCOLN LOO – Pushups – Lincoln has done pushups without missing a single day since the first of the year – 1,219 pushups! He knows this motivation, focus, and discipline will spill into his business.

VICTOR COPPOLA – Networking Blitz – Of the 43 members of his networking group, Victor will have met with 71% of them by the end of January. He has already noticed a marked increase in job starts this year as a result of these meetings.

Congratulations to Jeff Zahrt, to my other deserving honorable mentions, and to EVERYONE who took my New Year’s Kickstart Challenge! I’m impressed, proud, amazed, and excited about what each of you have accomplished. I can only imagine the kind of banner year you are going to have and the personal momentum you have thrown into turbo drive.

For those of you who have crawled out of the 2012 gates a little slow, start now. Give yourself two weeks to get your project accomplished. I’d love to hear about it – Contact Andy.