Ring in the New Year With More Than 15 Designs for 2015

Here we are at the eve of the New Year! Let me start by saying "Thank You!" to all our customers for making 2014 an outstanding year. I hope you know how deeply grateful everyone on the Ace of Sales team is for you. We truly have the best customers in the world!

My toast for the New Year is that your 2015 goes down as one of your best. I hope you fly past your goals, nail all your plans, and achieve more than you expected. I hope it's a year of happiness, friendship, success, and fulfillment.

To help you say "Happy New Year" to your contacts, our team has added over 15 new designs for 2015. My wish for you is that they respond with friendly notes, requests for meetings, and the acknowledgement that you're one of their favorite partners.

For us, 2014 was a year welcoming wonderful new customers and enjoying all the relationships that make our work so rewarding. I'll sign off from this extraordinary year with a quote just posted to Instagram by a friend

"Life is tough, but so are you. Let 2015 be warned..."

Andy Horner, CEO