Opens, Bounces, and Opt Out Rates

Who is reading your emails?

Using the Tracker feature, on the dashboard of your Ace of Sales account, you can track:

  • Open rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Opt-outs

What do these terms mean?

Opt outs, open rates, and bounce rates

Open Rate

What percentage of people are opening your email?

If you send 1000 emails in a 30 day period, and 350 people have opened your email, you have an open rate of 35%.

Did You Know? You can sort your Tracker by different time periods, so you can track your open rate over the last 30 days, 7 days, 90 days, or all time.

Bounce Rate

What percentage of emails on your list are not valid?

If you send 1000 emails, and 25 of those emails are returned as undeliverable, you have a bounce rate of 2.5%.

Did You Know? Your bounce rate can affect your spam score. A high bounce rate means you have a higher likelihood of being shunted to the spam folder, and miss the inbox entirely.


How many people unsubscribe from your email newsletter?

If you send out 1000 emails every month, and 20 people unsubscribe, you have an opt-out rate of 2%

Did you know? When people click 'This is spam' in their own email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo. etc) they will automatically be opted-out from your list.

Advanced Reading on Bounces, Opt-outs, and Open Rates

Download our free ebook on Avoiding Spam Filters: A Survival Guidefor more in-depth analysis of how these metrics work, and how you can measure them to your advantage.