Opt-In Form Autoresponders in Under 2 Minutes

An OPT-IN FORM AUTORESPONDER is an email message that's automatically sent when a person completes a form on your website.

An opt-in form autoresponder can be an email that includes a link to an ebook, whitepaper, video, or other incentive offer. It can be a first issue of a newsletter triggered when new subscribers add themselves to your list. It can be an email that provides details when someone RSVPs for your event. 

Another great use for opt-in form autoreponders is to follow up with people you meet at a networking event or unexpectedly. Pull up your opt-in form on your phone or tablet. Hand it to a person you meet who would like more information from you. When they enter their name and email address into the form, they get your autoresponder in their email. Voila! Instantaneous follow up.

In the most basic terms, here's how OPT-IN AUTORESPONDER works in Ace of Sales:

  • Create and save an email to your message library
  • Set up an opt-in form which will be available on the web
  • Select your Saved Email (or Saved Message) to be emailed when the form is completed and the email verification link has been clicked (double opt-in process)
  • When someone completes your opt-in form on the web and clicks the email verification link, they will receive your email message in their inbox

3 steps to set up OPT-IN FORM AUTORESPONDERS in under 2 minutes with Ace of Sales:

Step 1: Create & Save an Email Message

Step 2: Set Up an Opt-In Form

Step 3: Select Your Saved Email as the Autoresponder