Passion Vaccum - The #1 Reason Sales Suck

I observe salespeople. It's my job. I search for traits in those who are successful, then share them as improvement tips with those who struggle. The attribute that fuels success more than any other isn't work ethic, brains, charisma, product knowledge, or raw talent.

It's passion!

You need those other characteristics too. But passion is the X-factor. Its presence enables salespeople and business people to make big things happen. Customers come running. Trust is granted. Obstacles are overcome. Excitement explodes. Wallets open. Proposals are signed. Competitors scribble notes. Followers amass. Leadership is bestowed. Dreams are realized. Lives are fulfilled!

Passionate people don't sell. They listen. They share. They smile. They ask questions. They care. They vibrate with energy and radiate enthusiasm. They go the extra mile. They love what they do. They enjoy themselves. They see the bright side. They look for the best in people. They shake off bad news. They celebrate good news. They have fun. And when they do, people line up to buy!

Does this describe you?

Life. Soaking it in? Or is it being sucked from you?

Do you have a "Passion Vacuum?"

If so, you're not alone. Many others are right there with you. Empty. Tired. Bored. Frustrated. Painting on smiles. Wondering how they got here and wishing they were anywhere else.

It's time to fill the void with meaning, direction, vision, hope, and the passion that's been missing.

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  • Escape quota stress
  • Have fun every day
  • Discover what you want to be when you grow up
  • Awaken your passion