Powerful New Sales-Making Features Just Added

There's no extra charge. There's nothing you need to do...except start using these new features! These upgrades are just part of our ongoing efforts to give you the best sales-making program on the planet. Login to your account to check out all the updates! The biggest and best are listed below:

Scheduler Phase 1 - "Sales Calendar"

Add sales events and set up reminders! When it's time to call, thank, follow up, say "Happy Birthday," congratulate, stay in touch, or shoot info to your customers, your Sales Calendar will remind you. Then, click right from the calendar to send an Email Greeting, Branded Email, Ezine, Postcard, Greeting Card, or Perforated Card!

Improved CRM Contact Search

Many customers have asked for the contact search box to be always present. You asked for it – you got it! Now, no matter where you are in the program, you can find your contacts!

Better Navigation

We've updated the main navigation to make it easier to get around in Ace of Sales! It's faster to edit your contact info, add new contacts, list more results on a screen, and choose to whom you want to send your next Sales Maker.

Text Styling & Hyperlinks

This is probably the top requested feature. Now, when you are creating a Branded Email, Email Greeting, or Ezine, you can bold, italicize, underline, and change the size and color of your text. You can also add hyperlinks to web addresses!

Personalized Salutations

When you send an Email, Greeting Card, Ezine, or Postcard to a group of contacts, now each recipient will see their own name in the salutation! Choose whether to use their first name only or both their first and last. It's completely automatic with some nice options – and most importantly, it's effortless!