Printed Cards Are Going Away For a While to Become AWESOME!


This weekend, we’re upgrading your account with an all new email editor loaded with customer-requested features including a new 1-screen, mobile-friendly interface. Details

But what about Printed Greeting Cards and Postcards?

They're getting upgraded next! To do so, we have to take our Printed Cards down for a few weeks. Our goal is to return them to you as quickly as possible.

Why are we taking them away from you? This weekend we’re scrapping our Flash system, which can’t be used on mobile devices. We’re adding our Printed Cards to our new mobile-friendly engine so you can create Greeting Cards and Postcards anywhere, anytime.

In a few weeks when we bring Printed Cards back, they'll be super-charged!

Upgrades will include:

  • Create and send on mobile devices
  • Create them 10X faster with our new 1-screen interface
  • 2 new formats - Mini Greeting Cards and Mini Postcards (Cheaper. Cuter.)
  • Font and color styling
  • Upload and customize your own image
  • Rounded corner options
  • Cool, new designs
  • Your headshot on your Postcards

So, what does this mean for now? It means that tomorrow we’re turning Printed Cards off for a few weeks. During that time, you won’t be able to order any Greeting Cards or Postcards. But as soon we bring ‘em back, I’ll send you another email and post another blog feature with the announcement to "come and get 'em!"

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but in this case, we hope you’ll think of it like taking your Camaro into the shop for some killer mods.

– Andy