Printed Cards: Returning Soon!


We've been working very hard on the new Printed Card feature. The new system is now being fine-tuned and tested to deliver as smooth an experience as possible. We want everyone to have a ton of fun sending these cards!

New features you'll love:

• Uploading your custom designs

• Adding personalization

• Friendly rounded corners option

• Higher quality printing

• Adding your portrait to the design

There are two new card templates. The more affordable mini-greeting cards and mini-postcards (they're both really cute).

Prices for the Greeting Cards will drop dramatically.

The Full-Size Postcards will increase a hair due to higher printing costs.

We're happy with the pricing we can offer on both the new mini-cards.

Gift cards will be back!

However, because of their lack of popularity, the Business Card Greeting Card with the 2 perforated cards will not return.

You'll be able to send the cards from your mobile devices too! The interface will be very similar to how you send emails now, so hopefully the learning curve will be quick and easy.

We're very excited for you to start using them to your customer!

So... when can you expect the Printed Cards to return? We're getting very close, but there are still pieces to finish. Our goal is to launch them in January... or by the latest, February. It's very difficult to predict until we get very close. What I can promise is that Printed Cards in the new mobile-friendly editor will be our next deliverable to you and we're working on them as fast was we can.

We'll keep you updated right here on the blog as we get close to having an exact date for you!

Until then, I'd love to hear from you how you use the Printed Cards before or would like to use them once we have them back in your hands.

full Size Greeting Card
full Size Greeting Card
fullsize postcard
fullsize postcard
mini greeting card
mini greeting card