How To: Use Opt-In Forms With Redirects to Generate Leads & Build Your Contact List

(Note: Read the Autoresponder Companion Post)

Marketers know the term 'redirect' as it relates to marketing processes. But if you're in sales, customer service, or another area of business development, you may not be familiar with it. 

When using an opt-in form (available as an option for any group you create in Ace of Sales), adding a 'redirect' adds powerful functionality by offering value to new contacts automatically.

An OPT-IN FORM enables a contact to give you their information via a web form in exchange for an offer of value. Opt-in forms are typically available on a website, blog, or landing page and can be used on any type of computer - desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Here's how opt-in forms work (double opt-in process):

  1. You create an opt-in form – which exists on a webpage.
  2. Visitors go to your form via a web link.
  3. Visitors add their contact information and click submit (opt-in step 1).
  4. A link is emailed to the visitor to confirm that they opted-in (opt-in step 2).
  5. Once they click the link, you get their contact info.

An OPT-IN FORM REDIRECT adds a very helpful feature to step 4 above. When you set up your opt-in form, you can designate any webpage to automatically open in the visitor's web browser as soon as they click the email confirmation link. You are 'redirecting' them from the confirmation link to the webpage you chose.

What can you do with an opt-in form redirect? 

If you're using an opt-in form to grow your newsletter subscribers, you could open a thank you message along with a sample newsletter in a browser window once the subscriber clicks the email confirmation link.

You could offer an ebook incentive. As soon as the visitor gives you their contact info using your opt-in form and clicks the email confirmation link, you can send to them to a page to download an ebook. They get an ebook – you get a new lead.

You could set up an opt-in form on your tablet or phone to use at a networking event or tradeshow. When someone fills out the form and submits, you can use the redirect to open a video to play for them.

You could offer a white paper, a video, or a PDF download.

Login to Ace of Sales to set up an opt-in form with a redirect, and the ideas for how you can use them will start popping. Give it a go, you self-marketer!

Here's an example of how to use an opt-in form with a redirect:


1. Set up an opt-in form and add a webpage to the redirect box.



2. Opt-in form visitors can submit their contact info in exchange for an offer of value, like an ebook.


3. A confirmation link is emailed to the opt-in form contact. 


4. As soon as the contact clicks the confirmation button in the email they receive, the webpage you designated opens up to deliver your offer of value (like an ebook).