Say "Happy New Year!" with 14 New Designs

New Year's Day is only a few days away! Surprise your customers by showing them that, amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, they're still on your mind. Want your customers to include you in their midnight toast?

Here's one idea that will get the job done:

1. Send them an Ace of Sales Email Greeting with one of our new 2012 designs.

2. Include your 1 or 2 sentence philosophy for serving customers. (Insurance example: "As your Guardian Angel of Insurance, I help you secure the best coverage at the best price with as little interruption as possible to your life. I watch, weigh, and worry about your insurance every day so you don't have to.")

3. Then give a specific answer for how you will carry out your philosophy in the coming year. ("This year, I have a new monthly summary that slims down your carrier's multi-page report to a half page. Only my customers will enjoy this compliance-approved convenience. Here's a preview.")

Give it a try!

Side Note: I do NOT recommend pledging a New Year's Resolution to your customers. It only communicates that you haven't been doing what you should've been doing all along. They will also expect you to break it, like all other New Year's resolutions.

Here's a glimpse at the 14 new designs! Login to your Ace of Sales account to see them all.

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