Thinking Place


Where do you think best? Chances are it's not your desk – that's for work. Work is conscious. Dreaming is subconscious. Thinking is where the two merge. The junction of wild divergence and linear order is where answers are fused, innovation springs, and brilliance goes supernova. Sounds exciting, huh? So why aren't you spending more time in your thinking place?

I have many thinking places, but my favorites are: The patio on the corner outside my office, The Muse Coffee Shop a block away, and McDonald's near my house in Forest, VA.

I always have something to record my thoughts. Let me say that again, I write them down immediately! Thoughts are the most fleeting substance in the world. But there is nothing more powerful to change it.


Here's a tip: Don't just record the thought itself. Record how you felt, where you were, and what was going on in your day. These details will give your thought context so you can recall  it's full impact and depth later on. I use the Notes and Voice Recorder apps on my iPhone and iPad. I also use ScoutBooks and Evernote.

Here's a better tip: Allocate time every day to be in your thinking place.

Here's my best tip: Don't just go to your thinking place to hang out. Go with a specific topic to consider. Bring something on the topic to read and a pad of paper or iPad to scribble ideas, doodles, and 'thought-lettes' (half thoughts). The goal is not to force a solution. It's to discover an answer. That's the whole point of being in a relaxing setting - the magic of your thinking place.

Where are your thinking places? How do you spend your time there? Tell me in the comments below.

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