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A Logo That Has "Thanks" Written All Over It


Recognize the logos in the image above? Of course - Aflac, ReMax, BMW, and Superman (had to put that one in there). The word "Thanks" has been designed into each logo. Pretty cool.

With Ace of Sales, you can send Email Greetings to your customers with your own images! Next time you want to say, "Thanks," "Happy Birthday," or "Hello," why not create a graphic for your Email Greeting that combines your logo and your message into one image? It's fun, customized, creative, and stands out.

How do you create one?

Easy, if you have the right tools and follow these simple steps:

1. You need an iPhone, iPod, or iPad (sorry other device people)

2. Get WordFoto from the App Store

3. Email yourself a JPG file of your logo on a square-ish shaped background

4. Check your email on your iDevice and save the logo image

5. Open WordFoto and import the logo image from your Photos App

6. Render a WordFoto image with any text

7. Email the final WordFoto image to yourself

8. Save the image to your desktop on your computer

9. Upload the image to a custom Email Greeting design in Ace of Sales

10. Add a longer email message below the image and click "Send"

Hope your customers love it!