Every Presentation Ever

The brutally honest video by Growing Leaders pulls back the curtain on the common blunders and boneheaded fumbles made by countless presenters. It's funny because it's true!

The next time you get to the podium, don’t make these mistakes.

How? Glad you asked. Jeffrey and I are about to deliver two live webinars that will help guide you away from these common blunders and find your way to presentation success.

Presentation Domination (airing live on July 25) and If You Want To Sell, Show, Don’t Tell (airing August 1) represent the distilled knowledge that Jeffrey Gitomer and I have learned through decades of speaking in public, teaching seminars, and hosting webinars online.

You can create an engaging story to connect with your audience in a meaningful way, and make your ideas stick with them.

Normally our webinars are $29 each, but we are offering these two webinars together as a package for $49. We also provide recordings to anyone who can’t make both sessions.

Oh, and if you want access to recordings of all 12 of the hour-long presentations in The Year Of The Webinar, you can purchase the entire package for only $199.

Are you ready to take the stand?

How to Rev Up Social Media Customer Interaction


Many of your customers are using social media. They're reading blogs. They're sharing on Facebook. They're tweeting and retweeting on Twitter. Polls conducted by Touch Agency indicate that 24% of a company's customers follow or are willing to follow them on Twitter. Imagine what that number could be if you added Facebook, LinkedIn, and your blog.

That would be a customer engagement coup.

So, how do you get started?

You invite them with email.

Send an email to your contact list for each of your social media accounts. In each email, include one of your top tweets, Facebook threads, or LinkedIn discussion group topics to give your recipients a taste of the conversation and content that awaits them.