2 Infographics For Self-Marketers


Here are 2 infographics to study! They both directly relate to self-marketers.

Infographic 1

Posted by Formstack (online form creator and data manager) with data from,, and KISS metrics.

The infographic provides a clear visual on landing page layout and design best practices. There are so many factors that determine the effectiveness of a landing page that you should always look to your own tests, stats, and results as your best measure of success and performance. However, this infographic provides both a starting point and solid, data-backed thinking worth following.


Infographic 2

Here's an update on Email Subject Lines via Litmus, who we use for cross-platform testing of our emails.

Litmus opens the hood on how email filters add up spam points against emails and look first to your sender reputation. We don't agree with their point that it's OK to use all caps and terms like "free" in subject lines, because they do count against you. However, they make some solid suggestions and give some clear explanations worth reviewing - like using geo-location indicators, super-specific language, and making sure your recipients know exactly who is sending them the email.