Become A 'Why'se Guy


Next time, at a networking event, hotel lobby, airport, or anywhere prospective customers roam, try opening the conversation with a 'why'  question. Sometimes, you don't have time to waste on small talk. 'Why' questions help you open conversations quickly.

Why are you here today? Why are you sitting there alone? Why did you buy that iPad? Why did you choose that title for yourself? Why do work for Acme Insurance? Why did you get into marketing?

Bold by nature, 'why' questions lead to 'reason' answers, which are often more meaty than what you get back from 'how' or 'what' questions. 'Why' questions are excellent for building real connections quickly. And connections, as we all know, can lead to sales.

Need any more reasons to try a 'why' question? How about, "why not?"