The Dirtiest Phrase


What's the dirtiest word or phrase you know? Afraid to say it out loud? I'm not...

"No Perceived Difference"

GASP! Did I just get the Sales Caffeine spam flagged? Don't cover your ears - I won't say it again.

Yes. It's a vile term indeed. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but the name "No Perceived Difference" will always hurt you. Crud, I said it again.

This week, I popped in the corner food mart to grab my daily supply of Dr. Pepper (my one addiction, my precious life blood). At the counter, I glimpsed a new product on the impulse buying shelf - 6 Hour Energy shots. How brilliant! The ubiquitous and popular 5 Hour Energy shots have been one-upped! POW! Why would I choose 5 hours of energy when I can have 6?

Everyone will pick 6 over 5, right? Wrong. Regardless of price, placement, pizzaz, or promises, 5 Hour Energy, will almost always win.

When there is no perceived difference between competing products or services, consumers and customers will select the perceived original as their safest bet. The perceived original is not necessarily the first, but rather the first to symbolize the product category. Hydrox cookies were first, but Oreo became the symbol for the black and white cookie category. Over 100 years ago, Coke and Pepsi hit the market at nearly the same time, but Coke became the classic representative for cola and is still out-selling Pepsi today.

When buying, customers often follow this mental process:

  1. What category of product do I need?
  2. Who is the safest bet, the perceived original, in this category?
  3. Are there any compelling reasons to consider anyone else?

How does this apply to you?

In sales, your prospects will seek the perceived original in your industry or region and automatically attribute a higher level of trust and respect to them. If it isn't you, you'll have to dramatically slash your price, max out quality, garner exceptional reviews, or offer breakthrough features to overtake the perceived original.

The easier route is to create a new category in which you can become the perceived original. Example: Dr. Pepper (how I love you so).

But what if you work for a company that isn't the perceived original?

Then you focus on your personal brand. YOU become the new category. YOU become the significant differentiator. YOU become Dr. Pepper (lucky you).

Sounds hard doesn't it? That's why I created my latest webinar, "Create a Killer Personal Brand." Packed with under-the-hood explanations, examples, and visuals, it has the idea-energizing power of a case of 5 Hour Energy. Almost 1000 have already been served.

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